• March 30, 2023

Exactly which raid we'll be heading into in the upcoming WoW expansion Dragonflight

is still up in the air. However, it is already clear that we will be able to collect tier set items in the raids again. A first concept drawing shows the animal sets of all classes from a so-called "Primalist Raid".

Matching the dragon expansion Dragonflight, you can see a lot of dragon scales when looking at the animal sets, which remind us of Deathwing and Co. It is also noticeable that the raid might have something to do with the earth elementals from WoW (buy now )


First look at animal sets in WoW Dragonflight

Here you can see a first concept drawing of the animal sets in Dragonflight. You can roughly guess which of the 13 characters represents which class. And yes, you read correctly. The 13th class of WoW is Caller of the Dracthyr.
WoW: Dragonflight: First look at "Primalist Raid" tier sets for all classes (1) Source: Blizzard Lead Character Artist Kelvin Tan says of working on the tier sets in Dragonflight,
"It was great to be able to collaborate and contribute to these raid sets
The mix of primitive stone and chaotic elements made for a creative and fun process when creating the designs for the armor set. At the same time, considering how each element would behave with our classes was both difficult and fulfilling."

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Then we are curious whether the sets will also look so great in the game in the end and how we will receive them? What do you think of the first designs of the armor from the supposed first raid of WoW: Dragonflight? Too colorful or definitely really cool? Write us in the comments.

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