• March 30, 2023

With the freshly launched Phase 4 of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic, things are taking off, and we really mean that in the sense of speed. The combat speed, to be exact. From now on, speed will play an even bigger role than before.

  • Reason number 1: In Zul'Aman, you can find the new recipe for the large tempo drums, which makes it much easier to make the most of the popular drumming effect.
  • Reason number 2: You can now use the popular Forge weapon Dragon Strike, which can noticeably increase your attack speed, in both hands. Furor Warriors and Amplifier Shamans might get all fuzzy at the thought alone (at least if they can pay the horrendous crafting costs).

Add a haste potion and battle frenzy/heroism and you're off on a wild DpS ride. Theoretically ...

Buzzkill ahead! Dragon Strike and Haste Potion do not stack

However, a few hours ago, a player reported on the official forums that the buff from Dragon Strike and the effect from Hast Potion do not stack in TBC Classic. Is this a bug or a feature? Game Producer Aggrend took the time to give a longer answer, because the bottom line is: both, or neither. Here are the findings:

  • In the original TBC, at least from January 2007 to May 2008, the effects of Dragon Strike and Haste Potions could "stack". The two effects behaved similarly in the last nine months of TBC Classic.
  • However, with the changes of patch 2.4.2, the two effects were put into the same buff category, which prevented them from stacking. It then stayed that way until the launch of WotLK. With 3.0.1, this change was rolled back.
  • With the recent adjustment for Dragon Strike, allowing you to use the weapon in both hands, the developers also had to fix a bug in parallel that caused the effects of two Dragon Strike weapons used to stack (this was never possible in the original TBC). The bug also restored the original buff behavior from patch 2.4.2, so the effects of Dragon Strike and Haste potions no longer stack since the new phase.
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Long story short: The bug, which actually isn't one, shouldn't go live like this at all. There should be a hotfix in the next day or two that will make the effects of Dragon Strike and Hasty Potions stack again. So: There's no reason to keep your Hast potions or built weapons

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