• March 30, 2023


The Fresh Crusade action of the World of Warcraft community, announced a few days ago, turned out to be a huge success. Over 3 thousand players started their adventure on the game server from scratch.

The Fresh Crusade campaign in WoW launched on March 5 and proved to be quite a success.
A few thousand players decided to start their adventure with the game from scratch on a sparsely populated server.
A few days ago we wrote about the fact that thousands of players are going to start from scratch in World of Warcraft Classic, using a sparsely populated server. The Fresh Crusade initiative is supposed to be the community's response to the lack of "fresh" servers for the release of The Burning Crusade Classic.

The move was decided due to the ever-increasing bot population, and the resulting disrupted economy in the game world. The launch event was scheduled for March 5, hoping that at least a thousand players would join. It turned out that the interest significantly exceeded the estimates. On the Discord server of the action registered more than 10 thousand players. User responsible for the whole movement named Caszhar estimates that about 3 thousand players took part in The Fresh Crusade.

Due to the fact that no new instances were created, the chosen server Dragonfang [EU] got clogged up quite quickly because of this. Hundreds of people instantly appeared in the starting locations, trying to start their adventure with WoW as if they were doing it at the premiere in 2004. Shortly after the start of the whole action, 20 guilds were formed, bringing together players. People who described the whole situation talked about the exceptional chaos, which slowly normalized as time passed and users went to the four corners of the World of Warcraft world. The video below gives a good indication of the start of The Fresh Crusade action (watch from around minute 33).

Caszhar also shared some screenshots with Eurogamer's editorial team that document the whole experience well. Queuing for NPCs, waiting for an enemy to appear that you need to kill to push the plot threads forward. All of this in a cultural way.

Those who take part in the action of The Fresh Crusade, expect that eventually also here the bots will begin to spoil the economy and thus the fun of the game. Until Blizzard does something about it, every server will be affected sooner or later. Another source of concern is the potential for toxic player behavior once the word gets out about the action and new users arrive. But the community benefits while it can, and for now it's having a great time.