• May 28, 2023
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Update, 12.07.2020: Wowhead's dataminers have meanwhile discovered more achievements, rewards and recipes for the Path of Ascension in the WoW Shadowlands alpha, which we don't want to withhold from you. We have marked each of the new features in yellow in the text below.

Original message: WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) players who have access to the alpha of the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands can admire a special battle arena in the Elysian Fortress of the Kyrians as of late. This so-called Path of Ascension is one of the end-game features of WoW: Shadowlands, is only available to followers of the Kyrians (all pacts have their own special end-game feature), and is somewhat reminiscent of a mix between a fighting guild and a solo scenario. We'll tell you (via Vanion) what this special new content is all about and what rewards you can grab through the associated battles.

Table of Contents

  1. 1WoWShadowlands: What is the Ascended Path all about?
  2. 2WoWShadowlands: The achievements of the Path of Ascension.
  3. 3WoWShadowlands: The craft of the Ascended
  4. 4WoWShadowlands: The rewards of the Path of the Ascended

WoW Shadowlands: What's the Path of Ascension all about?

Those who reach the new maximum level 60 in WoW: Shadowlands and choose to join the Covenant of Kyrians will be given the opportunity to enter a battle arena in the Elysian Fortress of Bastion Kyrians, titled Path of Ascension. The feature consists of 39 different bosses, more precisely, your memories, that you'll have to fight. Before you can do that, however, you'll have to capture the memories.


path of


and the associated battles work as follows


  • You visit the Kyrian Dactylis, who explains how to use a lure and a soul mirror (craftable via the Ascended Craft) to capture new memories, which you can then challenge to battle.
  • To then begin a challenge in the Pact of Ascension, you will need special service medallions. You can get these as loot from rare enemies, from treasure chests, via world quests and calls.
  • If you talk to the Kyrian Artemede in the Elysian Fortress and start a challenge, not your character but your Soul Covenant will fight against the respective memory. However, we obviously control the soul covenant ourselves.
  • Each soul covenant has specific advantages over individual memories - so it's worth switching soul covenants if you're overwhelmed with a particular fight.
  • The Soulbund can also carry equipment and lucky charms (one piece of equipment at a time) that boost its abilities, which we can craft ourselves via the Ascended craft. Equipment adds additional abilities to the soul covenant, and lucky charms grant passive bonuses. Finally, our reputation with the Covenant additionally boosts the Soul Covenant's combat power.
  • There is a higher difficulty level for the Ascended Pact. We unlock this by improving our Pact Sanctum and completing certain challenges of the path. Then we can activate harder battles with additional boss mechanics via sigils, which we in turn activate via the Craft of the Ascended.

WoW Shadowlands: The achievements of the Path of the Ascended.

There are a number of achievements for your victories against certain bosses in the Path of the Ascended:

  • The Path Towards Ascension 24
  • The Path Towards Ascension 1
  • The Path Towards Ascension 16
  • The Path Towards Ascension 20
  • The Path Towards Ascension 5
  • The Path Towards Ascension 12
  • The Path Towards Ascension 3
  • The Path Towards Ascension 7

WoW Shadowlands: The Path of Ascension Bosses
So far, the following bosses are included in the alpha:

  • Trial: Mad Mortimer
  • Trial: Athanos
  • Trial: Echthra

You can apparently simplify the boss fights via upgrades to the Sanctum:

  • Tier 1 - Sparring Buddy
  • Tier 2 - Proving Time
  • Tier 3 - Fighting Talk
  • Tier 4 - Blessed Champion
  • Tier 5 - Ascended Warrior

WoW Shadowlands: The Craft of the Ascended

If you want to unlock certain fights in the Path of the Ascended, you can't avoid the Craft of the Ascended. Namely, via this craft we can create special lures as well as the so-called soul mirror, which we in turn use to capture the memories. In addition, we can unlock additional recipes (blueprints) for the craft via Battles of the Path, which in turn allow us to create equipment and lucky charms for our Soul Covenant. Blizzard has added the following recipes plus wildcards in Shadowlands Alpha so far:


  • Elysian Feathers - reagent that you can get from winged creatures in the Shadowlands.
  • Fur of the Champion - fur you get from most wild animals in the Shadowlands
  • Nightforged Steel - a metal forged by the Venthyr that is often used for weapons and armor.
  • Calloused Bone
  • Soul Mirror Shards - Fallen Kyrians collect these shards to recover their past memories.
  • Manipulated Anima Charger - Boosts spurned centurions above their normal level.
  • Spent Goliath Core - core that powers Goliaths with anima


  • Soul Mirror - used to capture a target's memory for training purposes
  • Overloaded Goliath Core - overloads an exhausted Goliath to attract the attention of your opponent
  • (Equipment) Herald's Foot Pads - allow the Soul Covenant to charge forward as well as remove slowdowns and immobilization effects
  • (Equipment) Deep Echo Trident - hitsyour enemy, deals physical damage and interrupts any spell casting
  • (Equipment) Equipment 3 - Placeholder
  • (Equipment) Equipment 4 - wildcard
  • (Equipment) Equipment 5 - wildcard
  • (Lucky Charm) Charm of Buff 4 - Placeholder
  • (Lucky charm) Charm of Buff 5 - Placeholder
  • (lucky charm) Charm of Buff 6 - placeholder
  • (Lucky Charm) Charm of Buff 7 - Placeholder
  • (Lucky Charm) Charm of Soul Strength - increases the health of your Soul Covenant by ten percent for the duration of your next battle in the Path of Ascension
  • (Lucky Charm) Lucky Charm of Zeal - increases the movement speed of your Soul Covenant by ten percent for the duration of your next battle in the Path of Ascension
  • (Lucky Charm) Charm of Persistence - regenerates one percent of your Soul Covenant's health every five seconds during your next battle in the Path of Ascension
  • (Signet of Tormenting Memories - causes your Soul Covenant to summon additional memories as enemies during your next battle in the Path of Ascension
  • Lure 2 - placeholder
  • Lure 3 - Placeholder
  • Lure 4 - Placeholder
  • Lure 5 - Placeholder
  • Lure 6 - Placeholder
  • Lure 7 - placeholder
  • Lure 8 - Placeholder
  • Lure 9 - placeholder
  • Lure 10 - Placeholder

WoW Shadowlands: The rewards of the Path of the Ascended

What would be an end-game feature without suitable rewards? Blizzard thought so, too, and has directly implemented several merchants in the Shadowlands alpha, where you can acquire various items once you have mastered the corresponding challenge of the path:


  • Pink Dragon Turtle - Prerequisite: completes an unspecified achievement.
  • Black Vulpin - Prerequisite: Complete an unspecified achievement.
  • Bastion Blue Baby Horse - Prerequisite: Complete an unspecified achievement.
  • Dark Ardenweald Moth - Prerequisite: Complete an unspecified achievement.
  • Tropical Crane - Requirement: complete an unspecified achievement

Transmog Equipment

  • Pact Gear: Helmet (Dark Variant) - Prerequisite: Defeat Kalisthene at Rank 4
  • Pact Gear: Shoulders (Dark Variant) - Prerequisite: Defeat Boss 2 at Rank 4
  • Pact Gear: Chest Plate (Dark Variant) - Prerequisite: Defeat Boss 3 at Rank 4
  • Pact Gear: Pants (Dark Variant) - Prerequisite: Defeat Boss 4 at Rank 4
  • Pact Gear: Boots (Dark Variant) - Prerequisite: Defeat Boss 5 at Rank 4
  • Pact Gear: Bracers (Dark Variant) - Prerequisite: Defeat Boss 6 at Rank 4
  • Pact Gear: Belt (Dark Variant) - Prerequisite: Defeat Boss 7 at Rank 4
  • Pact Gear: Gloves (Dark Variant) - Prerequisite: Defeat Boss 8 at Rank 4
  • Pact Gear: Cloak (Dark Variant) - Prerequisite: Defeat Boss 9 at Rank 4

Transmog Weapons

  • One weapon for each weapon type - Prerequisite: Complete an unspecified achievement.

Wowhead's dataminers have released screenshots of the transmogsets and other cosmetic rewards:

Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead

What do you think of Path of Ascension so far? Let us know and write your opinion in the comments!

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