• March 30, 2023

Remember our speedrun record news from the WoW Classic era? As impressive as the clear times of the various guilds were back then, their setup was usually boring: Pack in as many well-equipped warriors as possible, plus a rogue for Improved Armor Weakening, a warlock for the most important curse, a hunter for pummeling, and a couple of fire mages for Ignite


If we look at the recent speedrun records from WoW (buy now €14.99 )

: Burning Crusade Classic, a very different picture awaits us there. When the EU guild "none of the above" (Horde) cleared the Serpentshrine after just 48 minutes and 04 seconds on October 31, a whopping six warriors belonged to the 25-player raid. In contrast to the Classic phase, this is quite remarkable, as Warriors (and Rogues) are said to start the TBC era rather moderately, the Tier 5 raids are considered rather melee-unfriendly, and the best time of the Frontline Soldiers begins so slowly in the Tier 6 area and then reaches its zenith in the Sunwell Plateau. Despite this starting point, four of the six Warriors in the run were able to achieve an average DpS of 2,110 or higher.

The players of the US guild Overclock (Alliance) proved tonight that SSC can be even faster, as they sent Lady Vashj onto the boards almost a minute faster (47 minutes and 16 seconds). Their setup, meanwhile, was very caster-heavy, with eight Warlocks, two Mages, two Elemental Shamans, and a Shadow Priest. In both cases, by the way, a Bear and a Protection Paladin took on the role of tanks.

Overclock also currently holds the speedrun record in Fortress of Storms: on November 02, they were able to lay Kael'thas after 48 minutes and 07 seconds. Here they even have an insane 100 seconds lead over 2nd place - the setup looked very similar to SSC.

What does your raid setup look like in TBC Classic right now? Do you pack everything that's there? Do you stack certain classes? Do you prefer ranged fighters? Tell us in the comments!

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