• March 30, 2023

Although Phase 2 of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic will not start until the night of September 15-16, the preparatory patch 2.5.2 is already coming next Wednesday, September 01. It is therefore not surprising that the Blizzard developers have already published the official patch notes for the upcoming update and Phase 2.

WoW TBC Classic: German Patch Notes for Patch 2.5.2

Content updates

Cave of the Serpentshrine

Destroy the mad Lady Vashj along with her vile minions in her wet lair - the Cave of the Serpent Shrine.

  • Raid bosses: 6
  • Level: 70
  • Location: The Lizard Cauldron, Zangarmarchs

The Eye

Penetrate the heart of a crystalline fortress to end the madness that has corrupted Kael'thas Sunwalker and his depraved loyalists.

  • Raid Bosses: 4
  • Level: 70
  • Location: Fortress of Storms, Netherstorm

Arena Season 2

Take apart your faction's enemies on the battlefield as Arena Season 2 begins! Victorious players will earn Arena Points, which can be traded in for better equipment so they can take on opponents with similar abilities.

Daily content on Ogri'la and the Sha'tari Skyguard

Ally with the Ogri'la and Sha'tari Skyguard factions in Outland. Complete daily quests to gain the favor of these factions and earn lucrative rewards.

Guild Banks

Use the Guild Bank to share loot from raids and dungeons with your guildmates. This in-game storage space allows guild members to take out or store items and currency. This helps you keep track of what consumable items you have available for your next group activity.

Group Search

Find like-minded players and new friends with Group Search (default shortcut: i). Simply enter your class and specialization so that your realm's party leaders can invite you to join their party or raid.


PvP Rewards

Outland faction PvP gear is now unlocked with Phase 2 and requires a Respectable reputation level to purchase. These are items sold in Thrallmar, Honor Hold, Expedition of Cenarius, Sha'tar, Lower Quarter, and Guardians of Time.

  • There will be a one-week season break after the end of Season 1.
  • Honor will not be reset at the start of Season 2.
  • At the start of Season 2, all remaining Arena Points will be converted to Honor Points at a ratio of 1 Arena Point = 10 Honor Points.

Raid Rewards

  • High King Raufgar, Gruul the Dragon Slayer, and Magtheridon will now each drop two tokens for T4 set gear once the Serpentshrine Cave and Eye become available.
  • Leotheras the Blind, Deep Lord Karathress, Lady Vashj the Void Skinner, and Kael'thas Sunwalker will each drop two T5 tokens.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where creatures would sometimes match their movement speed to that of a player when chasing them.
  • Totems can no longer be used in macros for "Totem Stomping".
  • Fixed a bug on some characters where certain ranks of spells were not being recognized in macros.
  • Fixed a bug where teams that controlled all four targets on the Eye of the Storm battleground were credited with an incorrect amount of honor when capturing a flag.
  • Fixed a bug where certain systems using DirectX 12 were experiencing flickering and other visual glitches.
  • Fixed a bug where resources, herbs, or leather could not be obtained from some quest creatures after looting.
  • Fixed a bug where the visual effect of Sapphire's Summon Blizzard could cause drastic performance drops.
  • Fixed a bug in the Arena Team window that was causing your team's current rating to not display correctly.
  • Improvements have been made to the quest "Litany of Doom" to reduce lag that could occur when multiple players attempted to start the quest's roleplay sequence simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug where the quest in the Western Plaguelands "Locked Away" could get stuck and not continue.
  • Fixed a bug where mages could get stacks of the buff Fire Shield from Sunseeker Astromages in the Mechanar through Spell Steal.
  • Fixed a bug where the visual wing effect of Wrathful Retribution was not picking up the visual shaders used in the rest of the Paladin's character model.
  • Fixed a bug where a Priest's first cast of Power Word: Shield after logging in did not benefit from Reflective Shield.
  • Fixed a bug where the trigger effects of figurine jewelry crafted through Jeweler's Art were ending prematurely.
  • Fixed a floating island of Nagrand that somehow got away and was returned to its place.
  • Fixed a bug where Hakkar would only drop extra loot for the Horde.
  • The chatlog now reminds players how many daily quests they have left to complete in the day, as intended.
  • Players can no longer bypass the Shadow Word: Death feedback effect via a macro.
  • Fixed a bug where macros with a /cast command did not work properly when used repeatedly.
  • Fixed a bug in the quest "I am Teron Blood Shadow..." in Shadowmoon Vale that prevented the player-controlled version of Teron Bloodshadow from attacking.
  • The Darkmoon Faire Cannon is now working again, but we cannot guarantee your safety.
  • The quest in Terokkar Woods "Escape from the Tomb" can no longer be split.
  • Fixed a UI bug where map markers for capitals were not displaying in the Azeroth world map view.
  • Fixed a UI bug where the wrong map markers were removed when the "Show Team Members" map option was disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sunseeker Astromage's Fire Shield spell was not dealing damage to enemy creatures when stolen by a mage.
  • Fixed a bug where the Paladin talent Pursuit of Justice was displaying the wrong spell hit chance reduction value in the tooltip.
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