• May 28, 2023

Each pact you can join in the endgame of WoW Shadowlands offers you a kind of mini-profession that lets you craft various useful items. The Necrolords have the Abominable Sewing - and Wowhead's diligent dataminers have already discovered the recipes for this profession in Shadowlands Alpha. We have already presented some of these recipes to you in our Pact Profession Overview - but now a few new additions have been made. Blizzard has also explained the Abominable Sewing in more detail. We don't want to deprive you of both, which is why we have summarized all Necrolord recipes for you here.

Table of Contents

  1. 1HideousSewing: Constructs, Consumables and Accessories
  2. 2HideousSewing - Blizzard's official description

Abominable Sewing: Constructs, Consumables, and Accessories

As with the other Covenant professions, Abominable Sewing allows you to craft various constructs and consumables, including


Basic Constructs

  • Construct Body: "Atticus" - a supply construct with a random inventory of gathered goods that are available for sale daily
  • Construct Body: "Flytrap" - a construct that can travel and fight while adventurers are on its shoulders
  • Construct Body: "Gas Bag" - unknown utility
  • Construct Body: "Marz" - a fighter that can attack and engage enemies
  • Construct Body: "Professor" - unknown use
  • Construct Body: "Roseboil" - a construct with the ability to heal nearby allies

Specialized Constructs

  • Construct Body: "Mama Tomalin" - a construct that appears to be an innkeeper
  • Construct Body: "Toothpick" - unknown utility


  • Abominable Backup -a bugle that allows you to call Emeni for help for a short period of time
  • Bag of Creepy Crawlies - a bag that distracts anyone who sees it; 30 second cooldown
  • Construct Disguise - a disguise that allows you to safely enter the House of Constructs
  • Lil' Eddie - creates an annoying construct that is difficult to get rid of
  • Restore Construct - brings a recently deceased or lost construct back to life on the battlefield


  • Anima-bound Wraps - strips of flesh through which anima flows; useful for constructs and rituals


  • Dapper Top Hat - Abomination - optical prop, top hat
  • Green Doll - Abomination - optical prop, skeleton doll
  • Outlaw Flag - Abomination - optical prop, pirate flag

Abomination Sewing - Blizzard's Official Description

Blizzard writes in an official bluepost about Abomination Sewing:

"During the first weeks of the Necrolord Pact campaign, you will meet Rathan and Emani, with whom you will work to create a small community called Butchers Block. Here, various constructs loyal to the seat of Primus gather, and you'll be able to unlock a new crafting system - the Abominable Sewing.

You'll need a number of different resources to master fleshcrafting and bring a variety of constructs to life. Each of these constructs will become a resident of the Butcher's Block, contributing its own personality, quests, and in some cases, company on your adventures.

The Abominable Carriage
The Necrolords possess a unique method of moving through Maldraxxus. With a little elbow grease and a few extra parts, you can use the Abominable Factory to create a friend who will carry you wherever your adventures take you. Whether you want him to carry you on his shoulders (along with his top hat), or simply plow through the immaculate fields of Bastion, you'll travel in ultimate style.

If you don't like staying on the ground, set your sights on the Necropolis far above. It circles the zone and may inspire you to a little goblin ingenuity.
We're sorry if we're spoiling your fun a bit, but these aren't tradtional mounts that you can collect. They are part of a transportation system that you can use in Shadowlands. Some of the abominations will fight alongside you (and not just serve as transportation), like one of the creations from the Abominable Factory. Some will take you to your next destination (maybe there's a raid on Bastion coming up?). They all have their own characteristics. "

How do you like the recipes and items known so far? Write it in the comments!

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