• March 30, 2023

As you type this, WoW Shadowlands isn't even a week old and already there's a player who has gotten all classes to level 60. For all those who have just started twinking: That's twelve level 60 characters - Just to clarify again. That should probably be a "world first" as well. Respect in any case, for so much stamina.

In the Twitch clip below the proof that HeadyAF has played all classes in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Shadowlands to level 60:

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There must be a lot of preparation behind it?!
According to his own statements, HeadyAF started this own challenge completely unprepared, except with a lot of time and 12 level 50 characters. In addition, he played Horde-side and didn't play with the blatant War Mode bonus of 30 percent more XP. His characters weren't particularly well equipped either. By the way, he didn't choose the fastest leveling route either.

HeadyAF has more or less set this challenge for himself, because there is "nothing to do" in the endgame of Shadowlands in the first week. But the goading of his WoW buddies has spurred him on even more. In his stream, he chatted a bit about the leveling phase. He had the most fun with the Demon Hunter, which is just super for the level phase because of its damage, mobility and self-healing. Also, the Demon Hunter can move quickly through the maw and tag mobs well with Devil's Blade. However, the fastest way for the Altoholic was with the Elemental Shaman.

The tips of the level pro
If you have an item level of about 100-110, the new level mode Threads of Fate is more worthwhile. You rarely get armor upgrades via Threads of Fate. World events are not really worthwhile with this feature.

For solo players, HeadyAF found a class with additional healing to be a big plus, as it makes even the "Wanted" quests and trickier tasks easy to tackle alone. For super fast leveling, of course, the gimmicks and buffs like shooting shoes, goblin ladder kit, potion of light-footedness but also normal healing potions are recommended.

So what's next for HeadyAF?
His goal is to get into the top 100 Mythic Plus players. But he doesn't know yet with which class he wants to do that. He has a choice now ...

And how many characters do you already have in WoW Shadowlands at level 60? Write us in the comments.

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