• March 30, 2023

You have surely noticed: Due to the postponement of the release date of WoW: Shadowlands indefinitely, it is currently possible to withdraw from the pre-purchase of the expansion and claim a refund.

It is

important to note that you will of course lose access to all Shadowlands content once you initiate the refund. Here are some of the features that will be locked by the return:

  • Only accounts that have Shadowlands pre-ordered and unlocked can create a Pandaren Death Knight or an Allied Peoples Death Knight.
  • Only accounts that have Shadowlands pre-ordered and unlocked will be able to race change a Death Knight to Pandaren or an Allied race.
  • If you cancel a pre-order, then the character to which you applied the level boost received with the expansion will be locked. To unlock the character, you will need to purchase the expansion again or purchase a level boost and apply it to the character by clicking the lock icon next to the hero.
  • Additional Heroic and Epic Edition content, respectively, such as the Enchanted Eternal Wyrm mount or the Robe of the Eternal Traveler transmogset, will also be gone after the refund.

Now, on top of that, players have had to learn the hard way that the current refund option for WoW (buy now €14.99 ): Shadowlands also affects given away versions.


Reddit user Acrivec reports about exactly such a case: A guild mate received the Shadowlands version as a gift about ten months ago


He created a character, boosted it to level 120, and has been playing it regularly ever since.

It turned out that the

original purchaser

of the version


initiated the refund


And although the version was given away and thus changed hands, the process was waved through without the consent of the new owner - which was also confirmed by a Blizzard employee. The former owner will now have to buy Shadowlands himself if he wants to continue roaming Azeroth with the boosted character.

Source: WowheadSupport

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