• March 25, 2023

WoWHead's dataminers have dug up the trinkets from the Mausoleum of the First raid in the game files of patch 9.2 for WoW Shadowlands. For the new trinkets, the developers have again come up with some interesting effects that revolve around the automata of Zereth Mortis, but also some signature abilities of pacts.

Many of the effects read extremely powerful. Keep in mind, however, that these are items from the test server for patch 9.2, and the numbers may still change quite a bit from the PTR version to the release. However, the first taste suggests that the trinkets from the raid can be very powerful.

Trinkets from the Mausoleum of the First raid


  • The First Sigil - Use: Refresh the cooldown of your Night Fae Signature ability and gain 855 Versatility for 15 sec. (5 min cooldown)
  • Elegy of the Eternals - Equip: Weep before the Eternals, dedicating yourself to their service. Gain 734 of your highest secondary stat, and grant 10% of this bonus to any party members who also serve your covenant.


  • Pocket Protoforge - Equip: Taking damage has a chance to fabricate an ally from the Pocket Protoforge who interferes with your enemies' attacks, increasing your Dodge by 0 and absorbing 0 damage before fading away.


  • Auxillary Attendant Chime - Equip: Your healing spells and abilities have a chance to activate a Pre-Fabricated Assistant who applies 0 absorb to one of your injured allies every sec for until canceled. Your assistant prefers to repair allies you have recently directly healed.
  • The Lion's Roar - Use: Channel the Light for 3 sec, creating a zone of protection around you, absorbing 20% of all damage taken by allies within, up to a total of 60221. Dealing Holy damage, dealing Shadow damage, or killing enemies reduces the cooldown by 3 sec. [Valid only for healer specializations] (10 min cooldown)
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Spellcaster (DpS)

  • Resonant Reservoir - Use: A ring of energy expands from each dominated reservoir, inflicting 74943 Shadow damage to all players in 3 yards when a player crosses the ring. In addition, inflicts 4871 Shadow damage every 1 sec, and increases damage taken from Disintegration Halo by 500% for 6 sec.
  • Architect's Ingenuity Core - Equip: Whenever a nearby Automa dies, your cooldowns recover 15% more quickly for 0 sec. Use: Fire a resonant bolt at your target which causes a Disintegration Halo from its location, dealing 734 damage every 5.2 for 6 sec. Crescendos 4 times before taking it again from the top.
  • Reclaimer's Intensity Core - NYI


  • Bells of the Endless Feast - Equip: Your damaging abilities have a high chance to smell out the scent of delicious soul energy, stacking up to 0 times. At full stacks, a swarm of devourers burst forth, chomping your target for 0 Physical damage. Effects that cause your target to move generate bonus stacks.
  • Pulsating Riftshard - NYI
  • Cache of Acquired Treasures - NYI
  • Earthbreaker's Impact - NYI
  • Intrusive Thoughtcage - NYI

NYI = Not yet implemented, still without effect.

These are not all the trinkets from the raid yet. In addition to this list of Trinkets, there are three items that have been assigned a double effect or no effect at all. What do you think about the effects of the trinkets from the Mausoleum of the First so far? Write us in the comments!

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