• March 30, 2023

Soulbonds and the associated media in WoW Shadowlands are getting mixed reception from players. Some feel it is an unnecessarily complicated way to make players stronger. Others like the fact that the pacts and their strongest fighters are incorporated in this way, and that you also get a lot of choice in how and what aspects of a playstyle you want to strengthen. One thing almost all players agree on, though. Switching mediums is unnecessarily complicated.

Change media in WoW finally easier

Not only do you have to go back to your Pact Sanctum every time you change mediums or your Soul Band's talents, you also have to invest one point of medium energy - per medium changed! Unfortunately, these points regenerate very slowly. More specifically, you get one point back per day. So constantly changing media when you're actively playing multiple specs, for example, is out of the question. But that will soon come to an end.

  • Because with patch 9.1.5 the media power is completely abolished.

This was revealed by the developers of Blizzard during the official presentation of patch 9.1.5

. The medium energy will not be replaced by anything else, but simply removed from the game completely. This should especially please those classes that rely on the same soul band in multiple playstyles.

Although the developers also say that Medienergy can be freely exchanged without restrictions, we are quite sure that we will still have to return to the Pact Sanctum to do so - or in the best case, use a Balanced Mind tome.

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