• March 30, 2023

Over the years, more and more developers for World of Warcraft have left the company, but the amount of new job postings makes you wonder. As many as 20 new positions are posted on Blizzard's website for the WoW team. And they're not looking for new employees to replace people they already have. It's about strengthening the team. Lead Combat Designer Brian Holinka confirmed this on Twitter.

New Job Postings for World of Warcraft

Software Engineer, Engine Tools - World of Warcraft

Class/Combat Designer - World of Warcraft

Game Designer, PvP Content - World of Warcraft

Class/Combat Designer, Tuning - World of Warcraft

Senior Software Engineer, Engine - World of Warcraft

Mid/Senior Encounter Designer - World of Warcraft

Senior Technical Artist - World of Warcraft

Knowledge Manager - World of Warcraft

Software Engineer, Engine - World of Warcraft

Content Designer - World of Warcraft

Sound Designer - World of Warcraft

Quest Designer - World of Warcraft

Principal Game Designer - World of Warcraft

Senior Visual Development Artist, Environments - World of Warcraft

Senior Software Engineer, Tools (Server) - World of Warcraft

Senior Software Engineer, WoW Classic - World of Warcraft

Technical Designer - World of Warcraft Classic

Associate Game Producer, Engineering - World of Warcraft

Associate Production Director - World of Warcraft

Associate Game Director - World of Warcraft

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And yes, somehow the tenders also have something to do with the possible upcoming upheaval in the company, after more and more details around the Blizzard lawsuit became known. Even Combat Designer, who is looking for support, can't undermine that.

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Notice the three positions for Combat Design:

Class/Combat Designer - World of WarcraftThis
job involves designing/implementing/maintaining player spells and abilities in World of Warcraft (Buy Now €14.99 )

. We want creative people who focus on delivering the fantasy of our classes through gameplay.

Class/Combat Designer, Tuning - World of WarcraftWhile
this job performs similar duties as the previous post, we are looking for an additional person to understand and maintain the underlying math that drives WoW (e.g. player and creature stats/scaling)


Game Designer, PvP Content - World of WarcraftThis
position is primarily focused on creating PvP-focused content, like Arenas, Battlegrounds, World PvP events, and what might come next


We're excited to see what this will lead to in the future.

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