• March 30, 2023


It's really happening - Battle for Azeroth is only a month away, and tomorrow we'll get a prepatch and the first roughs of the game that everyone is so looking forward to.
It doesn't matter if you're on the Horde or Alliance side - the important thing is that the prepatch comes out tomorrow, and as a result, we get the first quests from Battle for Azeroth. We can expect great things, for sure the Horde will have a chance to snag Teldrassil a bit, while the Alliance will get Lordaeron back (although from what I know from the beta, it won't be a great prize at all). Someone has brought "war" into World of Warcraft again, and players are eagerly awaiting the inevitable conflict.

Battle for Azeroth Prepatch
In the prepatch it's the usual - we'll get a few quests (in this case very important) and we'll witness the beginning of the war. We'll also have time to say goodbye to the artifacts, which we got in Legion - all this to try to get the sword of Sargeras from Silithus. Our sacrifice will not be in vain, however, and the planet will thank us - we'll get a new artifact (with the help of Magni) called Heart of Azeroth.


While the two factions will be slaughtering each other in a hopeless war (apparently the idea is to make Kalimdor belong to the Horde and Eastern Kingdoms - to the Alliance), Azeroth is facing a real threat. For the titaness wounded by Sargeras will be easy prey for the Old Gods, or Cthulhu (sort of) and the rest. And that means the appearance of Queen Azshara (finally!) and a fight for the planet. Perfection in itself, so we're keeping our fingers crossed, from the beta it looks like this addition is excellent. After the great Legion, it's hard to expect anything else.

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