• March 30, 2023

Since the launch month of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic, more and more characters have been playing the Outland endgame month after month. But are the numbers still rising after the recent Blizzard scandal ? After all, there have been some WoW players who have put their Azeroth heroes into early retirement due to the allegations in recent weeks (Preach anyone?!). And still others have quit for other reasons, for these the farewell of Madseason

should be exemplary.

At the same time, new characters should have reached the maximum level of 70, mastered the Karazhan attunement and mastered the first raid instances. So let's check the statistics of Ironforge.pro again (from July 28th to August 4th) and compare them with the numbers from the previous month. Recorded there, as usual, are all characters that showed up in a log for a TBC endgame content during this period. Here are the findings:

  • The US server Benediction has passed Whitemane and can now call itself the largest (TBC) Classic server. The number of characters counted there is 12,453 (in July Whitemane was number 1 with 10,160 characters, now it is 11,702).
  • Gehennas continues to dominate the EU region with 11,538 characters (in July: 9,349).
  • The largest German TBC Classic server is still Venoxis, with 7,806 characters (in July: 6,495 - 65 percent Horde).
  • The former largest DE server Everlook comes to 6,370 characters (in July: 5,634 - with a faction distribution of 69 percent Alliance and 31 percent Horde).
  • The formerly very busy server Lucifron currently has 2,983 (instead of 2,713) counted characters (at 100 percent Horde).
  • Razorfen has 4,265 active characters (up from 4,024) with 51 percent Alliance and 49 percent Horde.
  • Dragon's Call has 3,133 active characters (up from 2,778) with 38 percent Alliance and 62 percent Horde.
  • Lakeshire has 2,858 active characters (up from 2,446), with 68 percent Alliance and 32 percent Horde.
  • Patchwerk has 4,075 (up from 3,541) active characters (with 33 percent Alliance and 67 percent Horde)
  • Transcendence has 3,609 (instead of 3,470) active characters (38 percent Alliance and 62 percent Horde)
  • Heartstriker comes to 2,167 (instead of 2,051) active characters (at 100 percent alliance)
  • For Celebras there are again data: 333 (instead of 256) characters were counted on Warcraftlogs there, 30 of them on Horde side.
  • In total, 339,470 raid-active characters were counted across the US, EU, and Russia regions (up from 292,653 in July).

What strikes us, even if we think back to the numbers from WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

Classic: The "Burning Crusade" era seems to be much more popular in the other regions than here in Germany. Many of the German servers are still quite a ways away from their largest Classic-era populations, while US, EU English, and RU now have six servers with five-digit numbers of active raid characters. Add to that three more US servers with 9,000+ characters. In WoW Classic, the difference in populations was not that great.

At the same time, it should be noted that there are now significantly more "dead servers" with endgame populations of 200 characters or less, nine servers in total. Four of those realms wouldn't even fill up a 40-player raid.

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