• March 30, 2023

Tonight (11.11.21) at 7 pm is the time. Then the developers of WoW will tell us what to expect next in Shadowlands. The devs have already advertised the announcement on Twitter with cryptic symbols. You can follow the whole thing on the official YouTube channel of World of Warcraft. But what will actually be announced? What are you expecting and what can you already guess in advance?

Is there any information about Sylvanas' story? Will there be a new dungeon? Will the Maw be expanded? Will we see Nathanos? How many times will Ion Hazzikostas say "That being said" and how many times will we hear "sorry" in the announcement? Drinking games bingo cards were invented for just such an event. The community has already made some bingo cards for the Shadowlands announcement, so you can play bullshit bingo (or just regular bingo) when you watch the announcement live today.

Shadowlands Announcement Bingo Cards

WoW: Here are your bingo cards for today's Shadowlands Announcement (1) Source: Ahhmoose
WoW: Here are your bingo cards for today's Shadowlands Announcement (2) Source: foxml_b A lot of negative points can be found on the bingo cards of the community. However, the announcement is unlikely to be a major update to the Sexy Purge, store mounts, more Recolor items or the like.

WotLK Classic, but also information about Sylvanas' fate, characters like Nathanos and ex-Lich King Arthas are secretly hoped for. However, we also see the possibility of carrying two legendary items on both bingo cards. Of course, it will be exciting to see what awaits us in terms of Maw, dungeons and raid.

What do you expect from the event today? Write us in the comments.

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