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For most of the new game systems that will land on the World of Warcraft live servers with WoW: Shadowlands, the four Shadowlands pacts are the linchpin. In a preview on the official World of Warcraft website, the developers at Blizzard recently presented the Venthyr Pact in detail and revealed why it's worth joining. You will learn new information about the Pact campaign, the Pact rewards, the Court of Embers and the strongest Soulbands.

WoW Shadowlands:Pact of Venthyr - official preview

  1. 1Rewardsfor standing with the Venthyr.
  2. 2ThePact Sanctum: Fall of Sin
    1. 2.1TheEmber Court
    2. 2.2Travel system: Blood level
    3. 2.3Adventuresof the Venthyr
    4. 2.4Animal ladder
  3. 3TheSoul Bonds of the Venthyr
  4. 4Signatureand class abilities of the Venthyr
  5. 5ThePact Campaign (Warning: Spoilers!)

The Venthyr are aristocratic overseers of souls burdened with excessive pride and iniquity. They guide afflicted souls along the harsh path of penance, harvesting anima to preserve the strength of their realm.

If you're in the mood for a mix of grace and sin, the aristocratic and elegant Pact of Venthyr is the place for you. Every day in their midst brings punishments and rewards - sometimes both at the same time. But beneath all the glamor and noble exterior, the seeds of rebellion against Count Denathrius, the ruler of the realm, have already taken root


If secrecy runs in your blood and intrigue is right up your alley, the Venthyr Pact is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Rewards for standing with the Venthyr

As you complete your tasks and prove yourself to the Venthyr over the course of the Pact campaign, you will accumulate prestige


As you increase your reputation, you will gain access to unique rewards from your Pact. More information on reputation can be found in our Pact Systems article.

Your efforts to increase your reputation will lead you into the Maw to bring departed souls back to your Pact Sanctum. Some of them will even go on adventures for you. WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Venthyr - the transmogrification sets of the Pact of the Venthyr: cloth (left), leather (second from left), chain (second from right) and plate (right). Source: Blizzard

The Pact Sanctum: Fall of Sin

All four pacts have common features, but each of them also grants access to a feature that is unique to that pact. The Venthyr Pact is a high society within the Gluthof. WoW Shadowlands: Pact of Venthyr - the Fall of Man. Source: Blizzard

The Gluthof

The Venthyrs enjoy the finer things. Their elegance and aristocratic demeanor is nowhere more evident than in the Gluthof, where grand galas are held. Receiving an invitation - and being seen at these occasions - is essential to a Venthyr's prestige. Prince Renathal wants to create a new order - with your help.

Your job is to invite guests, provide refreshments, eject uninvited guests, and generally play the perfect host to the upper classes. In doing so, you'll experience the Venthyr in their element and experience the full extent of their sprawling personalities - and if the event is a complete success, you'll receive great loot as a reward. WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Venthyr - the Ember Court. Source: Blizzard

Travel System: Blood Level

In your efforts to restore Sinfall to its former glory, you can improve several aspects of the Sanctum. One of these is a transportation network that makes travel easier, especially in Revendreth, which is ruled by the Venthyr Pact.

By their very nature, the Venthyr have their own special way of traveling: Bloodmirrors. With the help of a masterful mirror maker, multiple mirrors can be customized or recreated throughout Revendreth to open up shortcuts and make the land more accessible to you.

Venthyr Adventures

Adventures allow you to put your tactical skills to the test by sending your allies into the Shadowlands to aid the Venthyr Pact. While this feature is available to all pacts, the allies you can recruit and the missions you send them on are tailored specifically to your pact. This involves learning the strengths and weaknesses of your adventurers and sending them out using the scout map.


Players can unlock additional content in their pact's realm by directing Anima to specific areas of Revendreth. When you refill a location with Anima, the area will come back to life. This will give you access to new quests, make it easier to find wondrous treasures, or lure powerful enemies out of hiding to defeat them for powerful rewards. Different areas provide access to different content.

  • Crypt of the Forgotten - Find a unique treasure of your pact.
  • Shrinking Crypt Mound - Fight an enemy champion.
  • Dominion Gate - Gain access to one of your pact's world quests.
  • Pride Roost Weiler - Gives you access to your pact's daily quests.
  • Shrouded Refuge - Gives access to powerful Venthyr reinforcements.
  • Domination Castle - Fights an elite enemy champion.

The Venthyr Soul Bond

Once you have proven yourself, you will unlock the ability to form a Soul Bond with one of several selected characters from the P


These characters will then share their special powers with you in the form of a variety of bonuses.

Read more: WoW Shadowlands: Official Blizzard Preview of the Soul BondThe

proud Venthyr you befriended in Revendreth will form a special bond with you if you join their pact. Below is a description of each character and examples of the powers they grant you.
WoW Shadowlands: Pact of Venthyr - The Soul Bond of Nadjia Mistblade. Source: Blizzard Nadjia Mist Blade, the self-proclaimed greatest duelist to ever wield a blade, abhors stagnation and constantly craves new experiences. Wherever there's trouble, Nadjia is guaranteed to be in the middle of it. She is ready to use her skills at your command in defense of Revendreth ... and for her own amusement.

  • Agent of Chaos: When you appear, Shadow Gate disorients all enemies near the target location for several seconds.
  • Adventurous: You receive a stack of Adventurous every few seconds in combat, and multiple stacks when you kill an enemy. When you reach the maximum number of stacks, Adventurous is consumed to grant you Combat Euphoria, which moderately speeds up all of your actions for several seconds. Adventurous wears off quickly when you are not engaged in combat.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of Venthyr - the soul bonds of General Draven. Source: Blizzard General Draven served Revendreth for eons as commander of the Stone Legion. He can be found on the front lines of every battlefield, fighting honorably to the bitter end and never leaving a soldier behind.

  • Persistent Gloom: Shadow Gate grants you a shield that absorbs 15% physical damage based on your maximum health. Lasts for 8 sec.
  • 'Call to Action': When you use your Venthyr class spell or ability, you and your nearby allies gain versatility for a moderate duration.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of Venthyr - the soul bonds of Theotar, the mad duke. Source: Blizzard Theotar, the mad duke knows from his own experience that madness is no excuse for bad manners. After being banished from traditional noble circles, he founded his own court of outcasts to get his money's worth in gossip. Whether he's casting powerful magic through his favorite teapot or animating tombs to carry his umbrella for him, Theotar commands the incredible power of Revendreth in his unmistakably eccentric way.

  • 'Keep Your Eye on Your Shoes': 'Shadow Gate' frees you from slowing and immobilizing effects.
  • 'Beneficial Shadow': Your spells and abilities have a chance to summon Tubbins and Gubbins to your side with a parasol in hand for a moderate duration. Staying in its shadow grants you mastery.

Venthyr Signature and Class Abilities

When you join the Venthyr Pact, you gain two unique abilities: a signature ability and a class ability.


abilities are available to all members of the Pact regardless of class, race, or specialization

  • 'Shadow Gate': You enter the world of shadows and reappear at your destination.

Pact class abilities are additional gameplay options designed for combat and are themed to the specific pact.

Death Knight: Swarming Mist

  • A dense fog surrounds you and increases your chance to dodge attacks.
  • Deals regular shadow damage to enemies within range. Each time the ability deals damage, you gain additional rune power, up to a maximum value.

Demon Hunter: Sinful Brand

  • Inflict the Mark of Venthyr on an enemy, reducing their melee attack and spell speed and dealing regular Shadow damage.
  • When you activate Metamorphosis, all nearby enemies will be inflicted with Sinful Brand.

Druid: Insatiable Frenzy

  • For a limited time, your Druid spells increase your damage, healing, and speed by a percentage. This effect stacks.
  • If you remain idle for a certain amount of time, Frenzy overtakes you. It consumes a percentage of your health per stack, stuns you, and then ends.

Hunter: Shin Shot

  • Fires a shot at an enemy that causes them to bleed, dealing regular shadow damage. Each time Shingle Shot deals damage, you have a chance to gain Mark of the Shingle, which allows your next use of Deadly Shot to be used against any target, regardless of their current health.

Mage: Mirror of Agony

  • Summons mirrors that torment an enemy for a period of time. Whenever the target uses a spell or ability, a mirror is consumed, dealing shadow damage to the enemy in the process and reducing their spell speed and movement speed.
  • The final mirror instead deals shadow damage to the enemy, immobilizing them and silencing them for a period of time.

Monk: Fallen Order.

  • Opens a mirror for 24 sec that summons reflections of your order's fallen Ox, Crane, and Tiger adepts every second for 6 sec. Adepts of your specialization fight longer and use additional abilities.

Paladin: 'Ash Consecration'.

  • Consecrates the target area, dealing shadow damage and restoring health to allies over time. Within the Consecration, you can use Hammer of Wrath against any target.
  • The land remains filled with Anima, which deals additional Shadow damage to all enemies. While in this area, you will receive the bonuses of Consecration.

Priest: Mind Games

  • Attacks an enemy's mind, dealing shadow damage and distorting their perception of reality. For a short time, the enemy's next moderate damage effect heals its target and the next moderate healing effect deals damage.

Rogue: 'Slaughter'

  • Slaughters the target and deals physical damage. The target's anima mixes with your lethal poison and covers your weapons for the next 5 min.
  • Carnage Poison deals regular Shadow damage and robs the target of a percentage of their healing received.
    Also grants combo points.

Shaman: 'Chain Harvest

  • Hurls an anima wave at the target, which jumps to other nearby targets. Inflicts shadow damage on enemies and heals allies.
    The cooldown of Chain Harvest is reduced per critically hit target.

Warlock: Impending Cataclysm

  • Summons a cloud of chaotic anima that moves towards the enemy target, dealing shadow damage to enemies in its path. When the anima reaches the target, it explodes, imbuing the target with either Curse of Weakness or Curse of Languages and dealing Shadow damage to all nearby enemies.

Warrior: Condemn (Replaces Execute)

  • Condemns an enemy to suffer for their sins and inflicts Shadow damage. Can only be used against enemies with over 80% or under 20% health.
  • The primary target is weakened, preventing moderate damage that target would inflict on you.
    If your opponent survives, a portion of the consumed rage is refunded.

WoW Shadowlands: Why it's worth joining the Venthyr Pact (1) Source: buffed

The Pact Campaign (Warning: Spoilers!)

Even if Count Denathrius is defeated in battle, there's no guarantee that he won't return at some point if you give him enough time. The number of his allies is large, and his plans far-reaching. To counter this, Prince Renathal has devised a plan to acquire, through agreement, deception, or theft, the seven medallions bestowed upon all members of the Court of the Harvesters. In the right hands, they could be used to take control of Revendreth's soul - whether Denathrius still rules or not.

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