• March 30, 2023

Update from 11/4/2020: By the way, Exorsus has explained in the meantime that the people ability of the dwarves was not the main reason for the change, but only one of many reasons.

Update from 11/3/2020: This reaction from Blizzard should not surprise any player. After guilds such as the Russian raiders from Exorsus had specially defected to the Alliance in order to send as many dwarves as possible into battle with Steingestalt, the developers have now removed this advantage. Stone Shape (and Vial of Equanimity of the Kyrians) no longer remove special bleeding effects like those of the Stone Legion in Castle Narthria. Accordingly, guilds' faction switching was for naught if they wanted to use this method to undermine a mechanic in Shadowlands' first raid.

Source: wowhead

Original from 26.10.2020: In WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) the balance between the factions Alliance and Horde is always an issue. Whereby it is more about the lack of this balance - often the Horde outnumber the Alliance, which also affects professional guilds, which just secure the smallest advantages for raids to earn titles like "World First". Horde races such as Blood Elves and Trolls had shined in the past due to their exclusive spells and bonuses, but currently the tables have been turned. The Russian raid guild Exorsus has switched to the Alliance. If you take a look at the players' characters, it becomes clear why.

Ex-horde guild now consists mostly of dwarves because of raid

While there hasn't even been a new release date for the expansion since WoW: Shadowlands was postponed, the members of Exorsus are nevertheless preparing for the first raid, Castle Narthria, by turning almost all of them into dwarves: The membership list of Exorsus has been dominated by dwarves since the switch to the Alliance in WoW. Source: worldofwarcraft.com The reason is simple: dwarves have the folk ability Stone Shape. With this, a player can get rid of all poison, disease, curse, magic, and bleed effects every two minutes. Especially the latter will be in heaps in the first raid of Shadowlands, for example in the fight against Denathrius, Sludgefist, Sun King's Salvation or Shriekwing. According to wowhead, however, is probably Treacherous Flesh Wound of the Stone Legion. Normally, you only get rid of this damaging effect by Crystalline Explosion, which a random player gets. Stone Shape (and also Vial of Equanimity from the Pact of Kyrians) should provide more control in this boss fight.

Pro guilds change factions like other pants

How much of an advantage having many dwarves in your raid squad will have, we'll have to wait and see. However, such actions are not uncommon for professional guilds. The guild Limit only switched to the Alliance during Battle for Azeroth because of the Dark Coast Warfront equipment - because for Horde players this would only have been possible in the second week after the Mythic raid opened.

Can you understand such behavior? In your experience, how much of an impact can a people skill like this have? Have you ever changed factions because of such an advantage? Write us in the comments!

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