• March 30, 2023

In addition to a new class and plenty of UI customization options, WoW players can also look forward to a return to the old talent tree system in the new Dragonflight expansion

. Since WoW's fourth expansion, Mists of Pandaria, players have been selecting their talents in a talent matrix.

With Dragonflight, the talent tree becomes more branched again, giving the impression that you can let off steam a lot more and stand out with unique builds. But that's not the only new feature of the talent trees in Dragonflight. In addition, you can create templates for your builds and fill two talent trees at once.

This is what the new talent trees in Dragonflight look like

WoW: Dragonflight: Return to old talent trees in a double pack (1) Source: Blizzard Blizzard's own description states that "the new talent system gives players the ability to make creative and satisfying talent choices without sacrificing effectiveness. And most importantly, they get meaningful options at every level

. "Making a

meaningful decision in the talent tree with each new level, rather than every 10 or 15 levels, is something players have been craving for a long time. Attentive WoW players will immediately notice that old talents and abilities, but also pact abilities from Shadowlands are carried over - if you can trust the icons shown in the talent tree so far.

Not one, but two talent trees!

In the picture above you can see a talent tree of the Druid and additionally the one for the Druid specialization Restoration. There is now one tree for class talents and a second one for specialization talents

. The new talent trees allow for deeper customization and combinations that were not possible before. Read also these interesting stories 6

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The individual specs can be saved and exchanged as desired. In the preview, we see that 33 points have been awarded in the left class talent tree and 33 points in the right specialization talent tree, with two of the points in the specialization talent tree being next to the branches and seemingly representing special bonuses. All in all, there may still be a long way to go before the release of WoW (buy now ): Dragonflight, however, there may still be some changes to these talent trees. What do you think of the "new old" talent trees? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments

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