• May 28, 2023

August 24 update:
On some WoW Classic servers, the opening of Ahn'Qiraj continues to be a hot topic, causing emotions to run high and community events to be notable. Just a few days ago, for example, there was a major Horde attack on Ironforge on the EU server Gandling.

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The reason according to some Reddit posts (via Wowhead): Alliance guild AIM had farmed a good portion of the war supplies on their faction site, and apparently decided to hold some of the items back until a certain time so that the 10-hour event in Silithus wouldn't happen until nighttime. This would obviously mean fewer players and thus fewer lags in Silithus, but many Horde supporters didn't find this plan too thrilling.

So the guilds banded together to storm Ironforge and prevent AIM's followers from turning in the remaining supplies. Over 400 Horde fighters were said to be involved in the storming of the Ally capital. And the endeavor succeeded! For more than twelve hours, the surrender of the war supplies was prevented. The event will now take place on Tuesday, August 25 at a civilized time.

Some whimsical stream footage of the storm on Ironforge can be found on Wowhead.

Original news from August 03:
As part of the opening of Ahn'Qiraj, WoW (buy now €14.99 ) Classic players can currently earn an enormously rare and exclusive mount: the Black Qiraji Armored Drone. And as always, when it comes to such a special reward with a whole lot of effort attached to it, there are a lot of emotions involved. That was already the case in Vanilla, and it's the case today in Classic

.We already hinted at an example of this recently: After a few mages from Grobbulus made it their business to shoot the quest NPC Baristolth out of existence again and again for the fun of it, Blizzard even had to provide a hotfix thanks to which players are released for PvP as soon as they attack the NPC

.In the

category of "kindergarten" should fall what Protip19 describes on Reddit: A streamer, who is keen on the mount, is said to have left his guild in a rage because, in his opinion, the members were not motivated enough to support him in the hard Silithid grind in Silithus


whole thing also exists the other way around: Oregiraffe reports on Reddit that he was harshly attacked by his guild master, who also wants to become a Scarab Lord, because the player had allowed himself to be online little at the beginning of phase 5. It was made clear to him: put in more effort for the guild (read: for the guild master), or your raid spot will be up for debate. Further pressure was probably put on him by other players in the guild, who are said to have called him a "lazy ass".

Terror by big guilds

But it's not just intra-guild drama that's happening on the Classic servers at the moment.

From time to time,

large guilds use their dominance to make life as difficult as possible for others in the grind.

On Bloodfang (EU), for example, two large guilds on the Alliance and Horde sides are said to have colluded to claim Silithus completely for themselves (via Reddit). Anyone who does not belong to this coalition but wants to farm there is apparently being hunted down. In the comments below the post, other concrete examples from other servers are mentioned. Partly you can secure protection there with a lot of gold as an outsider.


reader recently informed us about a similar case on the German PvP server Patchwerk (and sent us a series of videos that prove his claims)


There, too, there are two guilds (one on the Alliance side and one on the Horde side) that cooperate with each other to make life as difficult as possible for everyone else. Corresponding tickets have already been created by those affected, but whether Blizzard will react is another question.

What is the situation on your WoW Classic server? Does the AQ opening make some players and guilds go crazy as well? Tell us in the comments!

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