• March 30, 2023

Update from Jan. 4, 2021: Shadowlands has been live for a while now and it shows once again that datamining is not the same as announcing features. Because almost half a year ago, items had already appeared in the alpha build of WoW Shadowlands that could serve as a catch-up mechanic for crafting. The so-called notebooks such as "Blacksmith's Notebook" or "Furrier's Notebook" cannot be found in the live version, however - no player has reported dropping such an item since release.

Can you confirm this? Or have the developers really removed the catch-up feature or are saving it for a later patch?

Original from July 6, 2020: Shadowlands journal items related to the game's crafting professions appeared in the alpha builds of WoW (buy now €14.99 )

a while ago. But only recently have dataminers also found out what effects they have. These are catch-up items! With the help of these journals, we can receive five skill points for a crafting discipline once a week in Shadowlands. Not only is this great for stragglers, but it also takes some of the pressure off when the game is released, when materials are still particularly expensive and crafting levels are correspondingly difficult.

The different journals can be viewed on wowhead:

  • Alchemist's Journal
  • Blacksmith's Journal
  • Cook's Journal
  • Enchanter's Journal
  • Engineer's Journal
  • Fisherman's Journal
  • Florist's Journal
  • Jeweler's Journal
  • Leatherworker's Journal
  • Miner's Journal
  • Scribe's Journal
  • Skinner's Journal
  • Tailor's Journal

How much work does the journal save?

As things stand, we will only be allowed to buy one journal per week (price still unknown), which will advance us five skill points - out of how many? In Shadowlands, gathering professions (e.g. mining or herbalism) need 150 skill points for their maximum level, while crafting professions (armor smith, weaponsmith, tailor & co.) get by with 100 skill points. So the math is pretty easy: If you want to sit back and just use the journal, you need 30 weeks to master a gathering profession in Shadowlands, 20 weeks for the crafting profession. In that respect, we don't have to worry about the effort required for these professions being trivialized with Shadowlands.


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