• March 30, 2023

Pandar DoubleAgent was yesterday, now comes Goblin Nobb! A player has leveled a Goblin to level 50 in World of Warcraft - and without leaving the starting area of Kezan. The reason for this endeavor, which some WoW players would call sheer madness, was originally quite mundane: The player, who goes by the nickname TheSlapperfish on Reddit, wanted to tame the tunnel worms of Kezan as a pet with his hunter. But to do so, he first had to unlock the "Exotic Tamer" ability, which hunters get at level 39.

All because of a hunter pet

But because the Tunnel Worms disappear once a character completes the quest "The Center of the Party

," TheSlapperfish had to resort to killing mobs very early in the leveling process to gain experience points. That's why TheSlapperfish took on the local population of tunnel worms.

To get around the problem that the tunnel worms no longer grant experience points after a certain level, he exploited a special mechanic for WoW test accounts: Those who reach the maximum level of 20 with such a test account can continue to farm experience points, which are then saved and added up to a maximum of ten level-ups as soon as the owner of the test account signs up for a subscription. TheSlapperfish was able to get his hunter to level 30 by killing more than 5,000 tunnel worms.

He then leveled his character from level 30 solely via pet battles, taking on five different daily quests in Azeroth with other characters, and then in turn turning them in with his Goblin from a distance. This works with the dailies of quest givers Dagra the Grim, Eric Davidson, Mac Donald, Bill Schildbuckel, and Lindsay

. After more than two months of playing, TheSlapperfish reached level 50 with this strategy.

Now the player wants to level up his hunter on Kezan to level 60 as well, but there's a catch: because the WoW developers have toned down the amount of experience points players can get from level 50 onwards from non-Shadowlands pet fights - namely, only an eighth of the original XP. Therefore, Nobb will get a maximum of 4,250 experience points per day. This, in turn, means that TheSlapperfish will have to invest at least 43 days to reach level 51.

But he still doesn't want to give up - even though his performance is already highly remarkable, or what do you think? Write us your opinion in the comments!


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