• March 30, 2023

Recently, players in Wow have noticed that entire quest lines explaining the meaning behind going to Shadowlands have disappeared from the game after patch 9.1. New players - or those who took a longer break - no longer have a chance to fully comprehend the Shadowlands storyline, at least in-game. If you want to know what's going on in terms of lore in the new expansion, you'll have to go to YouTube and the like.

However, this phenomenon is not new to World of Warcraft. Time and again, important story content has been deleted from the eight expansions that have been made so far, and in some cases from the original version of the game as well, thus removing it from the history books forever. Only those who were there themselves know how it was back then and what took place.

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. Removed story plots in WoW2. Why removing important lore components is bad3. Okay, Boomer4. Is there a solution to this problem? Removed

Story Plots in WoW

Important events that herald a new expansion usually take place for a short time during the so-called pre-event. These can only be partially replayed as in the case of the launch for Warlords of Draenor or during the Legion pre-event.
WoW's removed lore and the problems it brings (2) Source: Blizzard

If you weren't at the other events, you have no idea what WoW veterans are talking about. The opening of the Dark Portal? The portal of wrath? A Sha-infested Valley of Eternal Blossoms? "Sounds cool, is there anywhere to replay it?" No, even one of the most recent events - the burning of World Tree Teldrassil and the genocide of the night elves - is impossible for new players and those returning to the game to comprehend.

Why removing important lore components is bad

At least since BfA, the developers have tried to keep the story as exciting as possible. At times the player himself doesn't see through it anymore, and characters like Sylvanas, Zovaal, but also the meaning of whole cosmic powers raise more questions than they answer. Everything is trimmed to the grand finale of an expansion. Why we end up interacting with one or two important characters in the lore no longer makes sense to some. Furorion is a good example of this.

Anyone who didn't happen to come across this name in the Wasteland or meet him in Legion Alpha on Highmountain before he was replaced by a Tauren probably hasn't heard of Furorion. Already in MoP the mysterious black dragon played an important role during the legendary quest series. But this was removed after MoP. So again, players may not be able to relate to the character we meet again in BfA.

: Furorion versus N'Zoth in Ny'alotha - In-game cinematic

He plays an important role in the finale of BfA. His dramatic stab in the Ny'alotha raid against N'Zoth's tank paves the way to the final boss. However, if you took a break from BfA between patch 8.2 and 8.3, you probably won't know what the prince from MoP is actually doing in the raid with his sudden showmanship.

His character is introduced in patch 8.2.5. The player follows mysterious information over several quests, in search of a black dragon. As it turns out, Furorion has to hide from the dark forces of the Void. Thus, his character will be woven into the legendary quest line in Patch 8.3.

Table of Contents1

. Removed story plots in WoW2. Why removing important lore components is bad3. Okay, Boomer4. Is there a solution to this problem?

But wait! Of course, this quest series will be removed by Blizzard with 8.3. Because this event is in the past with patch 8.3 and has already happened. It is assumed that the player already knows Furorion in patch 8.3, so he can directly earn his legendary cloak....
A paradox that also occurs in other important quests like in WoD with Khadgar and Garona, among others.

Once again it becomes clear: Only those who were there know what certain characters in the lore are all about. That's not very good if you want to build an organically growing community.

Ok, Boomer

On the one hand, you have the WoW veterans who have been playing for 16 years or less and are familiar with the happenings around Azeroth even as a non-lore expert


In the other camp you have the WoW newbie who has no chance to get behind how, when, why, why, why characters in WoW behave the way they do and what their role is in all the conflicts without YouTube marathons of lore channels like Nobbel.
WoW's distant lore and the problems it brings (3). Source: Blizzard

WoW newcomers get caught up in a community of "old farts" who ramble on about the past and make it seem as if their knowledge from back then makes them superior. "

Yes, grandpa, tell us again who Furorion is or how you chased Garona in WoD and saved her from the clutches of Gul'dan. "

The developers also convey a fear to players - known in this context as FOMO (Fear of missing out): "You have to play WoW (buy now €14.99)


this time if you want to stay up to date


But most WoW players have also figured this out by now and see through this strategy.

Is there a solution to this problem?

WoW is a sandbox MMO where you are free to do whatever you want


Every now and then, however, the game does guide you on rails through certain content - and that's the lore of the particular patch. In retrospect, this concept will not be overturned. Over some parts of the game, you can listen to the story of a certain section again with some NPCs, but that's it.

You would have to follow a straightforward story like in Final Fantasy 14, which every player has to play through until they reach the current expansion in terms of story. But presenting that in a short form would be difficult after more than 16 years of WoW.

One approach could be that especially raids get an extra part, in which solo players also get the story of the raid and everything around it explained. The simplest solution would be to place an NPC at the appropriate positions, who either tells a story in the style of "This is what happened so far" via cinematics or lets the character act out the story in an amusing and relaxed way, similar to the theater show of the Nachtfae.

What do you think about the removal of important story elements in WoW? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

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