• March 25, 2023
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If you've reached the endgame in the current World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands, Torghast is one of the weekly activities for most players. This is because the materials you need to have the Legendarys of your choice crafted are waiting for you here. In addition, there's an endless mode where you can fight your way through increasingly difficult levels for hours on end. No two visits to Torghast are the same, since both the layout of the levels and the enemies waiting in them are constantly changing. And of course, there are the massive bonuses that will turn you into a ridiculously strong fighting machine over time.

But all this was apparently not enough for the developers, and so they had already announced at the last Blizzcon that there will be various additional events in Torghast. Very special Animaboni will be active and each event will have a special theme that will affect the way you play. For example, you can transform into a different character with special abilities or carry a strong companion with you.

Currently, three events are ready to alternate. On Tuesday, January 25, the Beasts of Prodigum will begin. Below is an overview of all the events.

Table of Contents

  1. 1Beastsof the Prodigum
  2. 2Choir ofdead souls
  3. 3Unbridleddarkness

Beasts of Prodigum

When you first get to choose an Anima bonus, the choice is always to get an animal companion by your side. This beast will fight by your side until you leave Torghast again and can be further upgraded by various Anima bonuses throughout the run. You can find our Torghast run with the Beasts of Prodigum in this article.

The following anima bonuses are also active during this event and will boost your companion:

  • Anamnetic memories
  • Chain of Command
  • Fulfilled flesh
  • Necklace of teeth
  • Starving Anima
  • Unstable Hieroscopy
  • Lamenting pendant
  • Runic engravings
  • Bag of hunting
  • Scheme essence bait
  • Stygian rations
  • Symbiotic Essence
  • Unnatural claws

Choir of Dead Souls

When you first get to choose an Anima bonus, the choice is always to take the form of a Choir of Dead Souls, which replaces your abilities with the Choir's abilities. Party members can click on you and take this form as well, allowing them to cast spells while moving. You can find our Torghast tour with the Choir of Dead Souls in this article.

The Dead Souls Choir form can be improved with additional Anima bonuses:

  • Aegis of lost souls
  • Arcadne's Mark of Feasting
  • Arcadnes Ritual Mask
  • Aural Fracture
  • Brand of instability
  • Spectral hands of Arcadnes
  • A part of many
  • Disfigured Idol
  • Food cupping
  • Hanging soul catcher
  • Hall of Amplifiers
  • Bodiless wave
  • Screaming Statuettes
  • Soul Explosion Talisman
  • Improbable changeable sphere
  • Changeable strengthening
  • Distorted hourglass

Unbridled Darkness

Every few victories, darkness envelops you, making it impossible to see your surroundings at all. While this effect is active, your damage dealt and healing caused are boosted, and your movement speed is increased. This effect will not be removed until you kill more enemies.

You can further enhance the effect with the following Anima bonuses:

  • Rising darkness
  • Harvester of shadows
  • Vial of unbridled darkness
  • Shape of darkness
  • Crouching in the darkness
  • Orb of crushing darkness
  • Burden of darkness
  • Vial of unbridled darkness
  • Smoke burner of suffocating shadows
  • Sands of despair
  • Vanishing darkness
  • Strange immaterial key
  • Dance in the shadows
  • Tollar's idiosyncratic blinker
  • Tollar's dancing robes
  • Tollar's hidden vial of fortification
  • Tollar's wild flailing
  • Uncontrolled darkness
  • Twitching shadow tentacles
  • Huddled carving
Shadowlands: First look at Torghast - Video

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