• March 30, 2023

You've probably noticed: A few days ago, the Blizzard developers banned all boosting communities in World of Warcraft with immediate effect, virtually out of nowhere. Anyone who offers boosting services as an organization or community, whether for real money or gold, is in violation of the updated guidelines and must expect punishment up to and including account closure.

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Boosting ban - but what about ...?

The topic of boosting/RMT advertising was previously discussed in the new forum section of the Community Council. And after Blizzard had announced the new rule, further questions followed exactly there, in order to clear up ambiguities. Sensation wanted to know: If a guild wants to offer cross-server boosting or if a guild advertises such a guild offer across servers, would that be okay?

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The answer from Community Manager Kaivax: "No, that wouldn't be okay.To provide a little more clarity to any players who are currently wondering where we draw the line on this new policy, we'd like to summarize this point for you.

Advertising for gameplay activities should only ever be done by WoW characters who wish to participate in the activity in question. Cross-server advertising is not allowed, likewise, players should not advertise activities that they will not then participate in. And the only place where you are allowed to get rid of "for gold" offers is in the trade channel. Advertising placed in any other chat channel, or even in Group Search, makes the advertiser a target for account penalties."

Clearly, this statement has raised further questions. For example, what if the advertiser is suddenly unable to participate in the activity due to an understandable reason? And what about private chat channels like in-game communities? If there is any follow-up from Kaivax here, we will of course keep you posted.

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