• March 30, 2023

In our retro article series

, we regularly present highlights from over 15 years of buffed! And this time, we're taking a trip to Darkmoon Isle, which came to the live servers back in WoW: Cataclysm with WoW Patch 4.3. You probably already know what to expect on the island during the monthly Darkmoon Faire.

But the mysterious island probably hides a much darker secret, which the common WoW player can only see if he looks very closely. Because in order to see the seven additional inhabitants of the island that we want to tell you about, you'll have to go to the realm of the dead. Or maybe the cannibalistic lady in the forest can tell you what happens to the souls of the deceased on Darkmoon Island?

This is what the glittering and billowing green clouds look like. Source: Buffed

But from the beginning: Greenish billowing clouds can be found on the ground all over the island, sometimes in the gloomy forest, sometimes on the beach, sometimes directly on the fairground of the Dark Moon Fair. This fog moves slowly back and forth in a certain area. At first glance, nothing else can be seen. But if you send your character to his death voluntarily, it looks quite different. Because at the places where the clouds waft over the ground, you suddenly see the ghosts of seven deceased heroes of Azeroth. Find out which ones they are, where you can find them, and what - sometimes gruesome - story they have to tell below.

But before that, let's ponder for a moment why the restless souls wander around the island and find no rest. Is it because they might have died a violent death? There are at least hints of this in the texts of the NPCs. Or are the deceased perhaps bound to the island forever because of an unredeemed debt to Silas Darkmoon? Either way, we introduce you to the characters!

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Map of the island with the approximate locations of the ghosts. Source: Buffed

Dome coin value

The spirit of Kupp coin value. Source: Buffed

The little goblin wanders in circles on the hill of the northern part of the island. Once you select him, you can read about five random texts in the text window, from which you can learn more about Kupp's story. For example, the goblin got into financial trouble, but luckily met Silas, the boss of the Darkmoon Faire, who paid off his debt, although he thought the goblin had almost paid off his debt.

Only a few gold coins were missing and he was sure that no one would notice their absence - but obviously it turned out differently. Kupp, who was now in debt to the gnome, worked in Silas' service. Kupp's mind is convinced that no one would mind if he helped out at the market. Perhaps someone did mind the little slyboots, after all, and sneaked him around the corner? Or have his former trading partners taken bloody revenge?

Arlon Festhuf

The spirit of Arlon Festhuf. Source: Buffed The Tauren lady Arlon Festhuf wanders through the mountains in the southeast of the island and tells about her job as a guard over the camp. Arlon is not particularly talkative, though she emphasizes that even death does not stop her from watching out for the camp. She warns you that the woods are dangerous, she had to make this painful experience herself. Probably she was overpowered during the watch - why, we can only guess.

Brendon Paulson

The ghost of Brendon Paulson. Source: Buffed

A particularly tragic fate is told to you by the ghost of Brendon Paulson, who wanders the plain north of the Faire. He grew up in Strom, the capital of the Empire of Arathor. Brendon's father was one of the particularly harsh sort, at least Brendon tells of an arduous childhood in Strom. Something bad must have happened, though, because according to Brendon's account, he ran away when his father tried to kill him.

As a child, Brendon came to Silas' fair, which provided him with a new home. He never wanted to see his family again; he did not miss his old life. It is not clear from his writings who might have killed him, but doesn't it seem reasonable to suspect that it was his father, to correct his failure?

Franklin Jenner

The Ghost of Franklin Jenner. Source: Buffed Franklin also walks across the plain north of the fair. He still wears the armored clothing that served him faithfully in the war against the orcs. So many creatures died at Franklin's hands that one day he could bear it no longer. He fled the battlefield and found shelter in Silas' fair, there he wanted to escape the war forever. One possible reason for his demise would be that someone from the Alliance was hunting him down - assuming that Franklin was indeed a deserter.

Martha Weller

The ghost of Martha Weller. Source: Buffed

The name will sound familiar especially to the Allianceers among you, at least it's only a few steps from the auction house in the Trade District in Stormwind to the Weller's Arsenal weapon store. In the store you'll find Marda and Gunther Weller, to what extent the two are related can't be said, since they don't have an option for Gossip texts. However, it can be surmised that Martha from the Dark Moon Fair, who hangs out right in the fairground, is a relative, perhaps Marda's sister.

If so, however, she seems to have fallen out of favor with her family members. For Martha Weller refers to the carnies of the fair as her family. Kind-hearted she is, at least that can be inferred from her other comments; she says she could never abandon an injured friend. It is all the more strange that the healer of the fair, of all people, could have died violently.

Sithera Spinngut

The spirit of Sithera Spinngut. Source: Buffed The blood elf can be found in the southeast of Darkmoon Island, searching for firewood. She most likely witnessed her own demise, at least in part: Sithera thought she saw something in the bushes and then lost consciousness. In the case of the blood elf, it is most likely that she was murdered from ambush. For what purpose, however, is not apparent. Nor is it possible to infer from her comments in what way she might be in Silas' debt.


The spirit of Zazla. Source: Buffed

You will find the troll on the north coast of the island, where he is creeping around near the rock walls. He reports that he barely survived a shipwreck. But it was apparently not an excursion steamer, but a prisoner transport. Apparently, Zazla was on his way to his own execution when the boat was shipwrecked and smashed against the rocks off the coast of Darkmoon Island.

"I saw those who held me captive die horribly. And I laughed," says the troll spirit. This can refer either to his captors drowning in the floods. Or to a far bloodier fate, for he says Silas protected Zazla from those who held him captive. This sounds quite like a bloodbath took place on the shores of the island.

Rona Greentooth

The ominous dealer Rona Grünzahn. Source: Buffed

And such a bloodbath could perhaps be explained by a very specific NPC in the forest on Darkmoon Isle. In addition to all the ghosts, there is another character who is quite alive by WoW standards: Rona Grünzahn. The undead actually makes a normal impression until you talk to her. She tells you that she has prepared many delicacies, if you are not hungry. No, it is not the fish that she has hung on some wooden beams next to her. She uses the fish only to catch something better with them. What this "better" is, you will find out when you look at Rona's offer.

The lady offers the finest goods. Beer-soaked ribs, for example. Or green bacon with eggs. And troll tartar. But if you take the trouble to read the yellow texts next to the food, you'll be hungry in no time - unless you're cannibalistically inclined. The troll tartare, for example: "Tartare after TROLLART, isn't it, sweetheart. Heehee!" The Mulgore Meat Cakes: "That's just where the BEST meat comes from, honey. Hee!" The Teldrassil Filet: "But SURELY it's venison, honey. What else would it be?!" Stormwind Surprise is already just saying "Hee! Heeheehee! Heee-he- *örks* *cough* Ahem. Hee!" That's actually "Örks." All edible goods from Rona Grünzahn: Green Bacon and Eggs, Gnomeregan Gnuggets, Foie Gras á la Undercity, Draenei Dumplings, Beer-Soaked Ribs, Mulgore Meatcakes, Silver Moon Steak, Stormwind Surprise, Teldrassil Filet, and Trolltartar.

Macabre tree ornaments

Cages in the tree: were the inmates victims of the cannibal? Source: Buffed

And within sight of the lady, a little further north, is a large tree in which hang five cages with skeletons. With skeletons of humanoids, mind you. Another cage has apparently fallen from the tree and is lying on the ground. The bones in it look like those of a gnome. Back to where we started, we have seven ghosts on Darkmoon Island that won't rest, and at least some of them obviously didn't die a natural death - and there may be even more restless souls. We have six cages with skeletons and a lady in the middle of the forest who even wants to sell exquisite delicacies.

And then we have Silas Darkmoon himself, around whose person, thanks to the reports of the spirits, some secrets are now entwined.

Because: The empire of the humans, Arathor disintegrated a long time ago, into smaller city-states like Gilneas, Alterac, Kul Tiras and Dalaran. Also the wars against the orcs are already a while in the past. How old do you think Silas will be then? Or is the Darkmoon Isle even in another dimension of time? Only Silas himself can tell - but as long as he walks the main street of the fair with his bodyguard, and not a word about the spirits of the island can be coaxed out of him, the souls of the deceased will also make their rounds on the island. to the home page to the gallery Jump to comments (14)