• May 28, 2023

We don't have a release date for WoW Shadowlands yet, but Blizzard might have already revealed it themselves on the beta server. If you look at the PvP tab there, you can see that the next PvP brawl will start in 99 days (December 1, 2020). What does that have to do with a release date? The first PvP brawl of a new expansion always starts at the same time as the new season, as is customary. It's not confirmed yet, but it could be used to infer the release for Shadowlands.

If Blizzard proceeds as in past expansions, a season always starts three weeks after release. This gives players the opportunity to bring their characters to maximum level and prepare sufficiently for the start of Mythic Plus and Weighted PvP content. If you count back three weeks from December 1 - the start of Season 1 of Shadowlands - you end up at November 10. Release would therefore be the 10th (Tuesday) or 11th (Wednesday) of November. If we take this release date as a given, the PTR would start around October 13/14.

A November 10 release of Shadowlands would come not too early and not too late. One factor in the release of the upcoming expansion is the Christmas holidays. If Shadowlands were released in early December, the release of the first raid and Sasion 1 would fall right on the holidays. That would be rather inappropriate, because that's usually when the developers have to fix the most bugs or, if necessary, modify boss fights during the World First Race. And Blizzard employees also want to have time off.

What do you think, is November 10 realistic? Write us in the comments.

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