• May 28, 2023

Lots of WoW rumors have been stirring up the community in recent weeks. Dragonmire or Dragonmurk, Awakenings or Ashes of Galakaros,

all alleged WoW expansion leaks have one thing in common: The dragonflights of Azeroth are supposed to play a role in the story again, after they had to give up their power in the finale of WoW: Cataclysm.

And there's something else these speculations about an Azeroth awakening as a dragon, protodragons, and the swarms have in common: they're all unconfirmed rumors. We simply don't know what the next chapter of World of Warcraft (buy now )

will look like.

But as far as the following class draft is concerned, we know something for sure: It is the draft of WoW fan Teriz. Years ago, Teriz already presented the draft of the WoW class Dragonborne in the forums of MMO-Champion

and has now updated the concept even more. The theory behind it: WoW needs a new hybrid class that can tank, heal or deal ranged damage depending on its specialization. Read also these interesting stories 0

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The Dragonborn

At the beginning of his concept, Teriz already makes it clear that you would actually be playing a dragon with this class. During character creation, you then choose its mundane, humanoid appearance. Just as Chromie takes the form of a gnome, Alexstrasza takes the form of an elf, and Furorion walks through Azeroth as a human, you should also have as much freedom as possible to choose what your hero looks like when he's not a dragon. However, Worgen and Forsaken would be excluded. Your dragon would then be a member of the Chromatic Dragonflight, because you can change into your dragon form with all three specializations during combat.

In Teriz's mind, the Earthwarden spec would be the tanking specialization, Lifebinder would be the healer, and Timewalker, which uses the Sands of Time, would be a ranged DPS specialization. By the way, Teriz based the abilities and mechanics on Heroes of the Storm - not surprising, since Blizzard's hero-brawler also has all sorts of dragons playable.

In battle a dragon, in the city a humanoid

As a Dragonborn, you don't immediately reveal yourself as such. Your goal is to disappear into the masses in your humanoid form. However, if it comes to combat, you can change to your dragon form of your own free will. Teriz imagines the whole thing to be a bit like Shadow Priests: You have a special resource to change into your dragon form, which then lasts until that resource is depleted - void form says hello.

Teriz has also peppered his concept with his ideas of play styles and some specially designed abilities, you should take a look

and let us know if you would want to play a Dragonborne. Would this class be too powerful and should there only be Dragonsworn? And what about the blue and green dragonflight? Why should they be left out? To the home page Jump to comments (5) Susanne Braun