• March 25, 2023

Even though we're still digesting the new information on WoW patch 9.2

, we'll soon be getting a second helping in the form of the anniversary party for World of Warcraft's 17th birthday. This year's party starts today, November 15. Until December 6, you can expect special events, quests and gifts in Azeroth, as well as a buff for experience and reputation. On the official website, the devs have already given a small preview of the party.

Log in between November 15 and December 06 to unlock the achievement "The 17th Birthday of WoW", and then stop by your mailbox to pick up your anniversary gift pack. The package includes 200 time-warped badges, a holiday pack that grants you 17 percent more experience and reputation during the celebration, and an "Invitation from the Time Walkers" that lets you start the quest "A Timely Invitation" that takes you to Chromie in the Caverns of Time.

The quest givers Historian Llore and Historian Ju'pa also have two daily quests in the Caverns of Time that will allow you to earn additional time-warped badges. You can either answer questions about World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) or defeat some well-known enemies. Collectors also have the opportunity to get classic loot from these enemies.

Classic bosses celebrate with

17 years have passed since the gates to Azeroth were opened and Horde and Alliance heroes set out on adventure. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we're bringing some familiar enemies back to Azeroth - with slightly revised abilities. Players level 30 and above can take on Lord Kazzak (Ravaged Lands (32/49)), Azuregos (Azshara (49/84)), and one of the four Dragons of Nightmare

(Smariss - Duskwood (46/38) / Lethon - Hinterlands (63/27) / Taerar - Ashenvale (93/40) / Ysondre - Feralas (51/10)) daily for loot and time-warped badges.

You'll also be able to do a little time-traveling to defeat the Doomwalker and get Time-Distorted Badges with the weekly quest "In Doomwalking, You Must Trade." If you're lucky, you'll score additional rewards such as the Doomwalker Trophy Pedestal toy or the Illidari Doom Hawk mount.
WoW: 17th Anniversary - Doom Hawk of the Illidari Source: Wowhead Equipment can also drop:

  • (NEW) Akama's cutting edge
  • Long-barreled bayonet rifle
  • Nexus Haunter of the Astraleum
  • Claw of the Thunderstorm
  • Wrath Spark Gloves
  • Ancient Lucky Charm of the Present
  • Black iron battle cloak
  • (New) Dark ridge waist guard
  • Face shield of the endless guard
  • Deep Helmet of the Abyss
  • Golden Leggings of Blessing
  • (New) Hell-Sewn Cloak
  • Dread Woven Tunic
  • (New) Void Forged Shin Guards

WoW: 17th Anniversary - Akama's Edge Source: Icy Veins

Return to Alterac Valley

In Korrak's Revenge, a battlefield inspired by the early days of Alterac Valley, you can overpower enemies, collapse their strongholds, and collect tokens that can be used to summon powerful reinforcements.

Players who participate in Korrak's Revenge and complete the Alter-ractal achievement can earn two new mounts: the Stormpike Battle Ram (Alliance) and the Frostwolf Growler (Horde).

The offer of historian Ma'di

Historian Ma'di is offering the following goodies this year:

  • Crafted Cloak of War - 200 Time-Distorted Badges
  • Noble Costume Set: "Edwin van Cleef" - 200 Time-Distorted Badges
  • Inflatable Thunder Wrath, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker - 50 Time-Distorted Badges
  • Corgi Puppy - 200 Time-Distorted Badges
  • Bronze-tinted Sunglasses - 200 Time-Distorted Badges
  • Festival Wand - Spiked Liver - 25 Time-Distorted Badges
  • Festival Wand- Trogg - 25 Time-Distorted Badges
  • Festival Wand- Gnoll - 25 Time-Distorted Badges
  • Costume: Calm Mechanical Yeti - 50 Time-Distorted Badges
  • FixedWand - Murloc - 25 Time-Distorted Badges
  • Over-adjusted Corgi Goggles - 200 Time-Distorted Badges
  • (New) Timeless Mechanical Dragonling - 200 Time-Distorted Badges

WoW: 17th Anniversary - Timeless Mechanical Dragonling Source: buffed

Celebrate with us in the caves of time

Gather your friends and join the party in the Caves of Time! There you can /dance, play soccer with a Khadgar ball, and much more.

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