• March 30, 2023

The World First Race in the Mausoleum of the First is over, Patch 9.2.5 and the 4th Season of WoW Shadowlands is still far away. Actually the perfect time for Wow developers to work on the upcoming content in peace. Nevertheless, WoW Game Director Morgan Day was asked for an interview with Warcraft Radio and talked to Athalus about the current topics.

Of course, the past World First Race played a big role and the bug that made the fight much easier for many guilds. But also the length of the race came up. Afterwards, the two also talk about the current tier sets, why their trade among each other is so complicatedly regulated and why the creation catalyst is so important. At the end, the conversation turns to the production of Legendarys and the upcoming 4th Season.

Interview with WoW (buy now ) Game Director Morgan Day.

In view of the current point in time, one should not expect too much from such an interview. Morgan Day is not yet allowed to talk about the future. If you're hoping for some answers to questions about the past, you'll find them here and there.

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Here's a summary of the key points from the interview:

The length of the World First Race.

  • The developers are happy with the raid, but have heard feedback from guilds regarding the length of the race and will take that into consideration in the future.
  • For the first time, the raid was split in half, with two tier items that could only be captured in the back. Blizzard was surprised that the Race to World First guilds started with splits. The developers believe that it was mainly the fact that many of the splits had to take place in the first Mythic week that made the Race take so long.
  • Also, because of the tier sets, guilds spent a lot of time in normal mode.
  • Blizzard has a technology where they can turn the difficulty of all the bosses up or down at the same time. This can lead to a perfectly balanced raid - or one where all the bosses are too hard or too easy.

Dungeon Master Healing Bug

  • The dungeon master healing bug was a very specific circumstance that the developers had a hard time tracking down.
  • They don't want to give players an unfair advantage, so the issue will likely be fixed on one of the upcoming ID resets. Possibly with additional adjustments to keep the difficulty level the same.
  • The fact that healing-reducing effects like Deadly Strike can reduce that healing had been intended from the start.

The trade of tier set items

  • With the restrictions, the developers actually wanted to prevent certain players from being forced into very repetitive gameplay. However, these players simply looked at this wall and found a way around it.
  • This is a change that the developers need to talk more about in the future and the impact it has on the broad player base. Does a player in a normal raid guild have a worse time because Blizzard tried to prevent unfun gameplay for Race to World First guilds? If so, this should be changed urgently.

Make your own tier sets

  • It makes a big difference if you have the wrong stats on an item - or only have three pieces of your tier set instead of four. One hardly matters, the other feels extremely bad. Therefore, the developers look to make sure that the latter can only happen to a limited extent.
  • Therefore there is the creation catalyst. According to the motto: If you haven't had any luck so far, here's a clear and easy way to get your items.
  • The developers are following the discussions around the timing of the Creation Catalyst and are keeping an eye on whether such systems might need to be made available sooner.
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Great Treasury

  • The goal of the Great Treasury is that you should always be positively excited on Wednesday.
  • Even if you don't get the item you were hoping for, you should still get something cool. That was the reason for adjusting the consolation prizes via the currency trader.
  • On the whole, the developers are happy with the expanded offerings, but want to make sure that the excitement pays off and doesn't turn into frustration on a regular basis.

Legendary Crafting

  • Players who wanted to try legendary effects should have a low barrier to entry. This was achieved by having relatively cheap rank 1 base items, but if you wanted to increase the level of the item, you had to pay more.
  • However, with the expansion, the developers may have missed raising this threshold. Currently, it feels like you have to level up the Legendary in any case in order for it to even keep up with the normal items in the patch.


Season 4[/h4]

  • Seasons usually have a six to eight month timeframe, but ultimately the release of Season 4 will depend on the timing of the next update.
  • The developers are looking forward to experimenting with some older content that is still semi-recent and not too far in the past.
  • How difficult the raids will be in Season 4 is still being decided. However, there will definitely be more than one difficulty level.
  • The tier sets will also play a big role in Season 4 - but nothing has been decided yet.
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