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Update from September 19, 2020:
We have expanded the list of tamable WoW hunter pets in Shadowlands. The corresponding section is highlighted in color .
Original post from August 6, 2020:
Hunters can definitely look forward to WoW Shadowlands. Because not only do the developers immensely increase the stable capacity for animal friends. In addition, hunters can also add countless new creatures to their personal menagerie in the beyond WoW in the five new regions Maldraxxus, Ardenwald, Revendreth, Bastion and Maw. The latest update of the beta servers now takes it one step further: With many new wild animal families, we can finally tame familiar animals such as elekk, giraffes and alpacas in Shadowlands. We present you all the brand new changes from the beta update.

Changed wildlife families in WoW Shadowlands

  • The family of dogs will include hellhounds in the future
  • The family of goats will be called"Gruffhorn"(translated: Schroffhorn) from Shadowlands on, which means that Alterac rams and Stolen rams will also belong to it.
  • The Shale Spider family is renamed Shale Be asts, which includes grinding worms from Cataclysm.
  • Silithids will get the family name Aqiri - this will include Kunchongs from MoP and Golitahs the Aqir from patch 8.3 of BfA.
  • Giraffes will also belong to the deer family in the future.
  • In the snake family, you will also find stinky snakes in the future - such as evil vipers or terrifying fanged gliders.
  • Crolusks will be called"Carapid" in the future
  • In the future, the spider family will include demonic spiders such as Poisonous Spiderling.
  • In the boar family, you will also find normal pigs like Stray Truffle Hunter.

Source: wowhead

New wildlife families: racers, camels and mammoths.

  • In the new family of racers you will find horses, but also unicorns and zhevras. These were previously part of the deer family (which gets giraffes in return, as described above). New additions are also some BfA "horses" like Packmuli.
    • Racers get the new special ability Fleethoof, which increases their dodge chance.
  • The Mammoth family includes Mammoths from WotLK, as well as Elekks, including Iron Malmer, which is the only pet we haven't been able to tame from Dresser Darmac.
    • Mammoths get the new special ability Trample, which slows down enemies.
  • In the camel family we find not only camels, but also alpacas from BfA!
    • Camels get the new special ability Hardy, which protects them from damage when their health is low.

Source: wowhead
Datamining raises hope that hunters in WoW will even be able to tame the cloud serpents from Mists of Pandaria in Shadowlands - or rather, finally learn to tame them. Source: buffed

New hunter pets in WoW Shadowlands.

Two new spellbooks also suggest that we will gain access to cloud serpents from Mists of Pandaria as well as undead creatures in WoW (buy now €14.99 ) Shadowlands:

  • How to School Your Serpent is said to reveal the "dark secret" to taming cloud serpents.
  • Simple Tome of Bone-Binding is said to reveal the "dark secret" to tame undead beasts.

Source: wowheadFurther,

hunters in WoW Shadowlands will be allowed to include numerous new pets in their enlarged stable. Among them are:

  • Slimy Cat
  • Hivax, the elite spider
  • Darkwarren Slicer, with the large incisor fangs - as well as his matriarch (Darkwarren Matriarch).
  • An aggressive rune-deer
  • The fiery wolf Erezuel
  • Grimsoul as well as Gristle, the two demon hunting dogs in person
  • Numerous different cloud serpents (Starved Etherwyrm, Famished Etherwyrm, Emaciated Etherwyrm, Highloft Etherwyrm)
  • the Carved Tracker, a mixture of cat and bear

The slimy cat is tameable in WoW Shadowlands. Source: WoWHead
Source: WoWHead

Which of the new additions are you most looking forward to? Will you go with an alpaca? Or would you rather get a regular snake? Tell us your favorites in the comments!

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