• March 30, 2023

We had already reported frequently about how elaborate the Honor Grind is in WoW Classic if you're aiming for the highest PvP ranks. If you want to tackle this challenge, you have to spend a lot of time in WoW for several months, and especially the phase from rank 13 to rank 14 is so exhausting that many players avoid the battlegrounds (or even WoW) for a while afterwards.

But there are exceptions. Players who just can't get enough of the honor hunt. In April, we reported on an Alliance fighter who had earned the highest PvP rank in Classic with two characters. But it can get even crazier! The Classic player Sundrix from the US server Herod was recently able to make the third character on his account a Grand Marshal (Alliance rank 14). On Wowhead you can see the honor stats of his Paladin, Mage and Warlock. It took him over 50 weeks to do this. On Wowhead, the PvP enthusiast also looked back on his journey. Here are some remarkable impressions:

  • On the Sundrix server, the Alliance was heavily outnumbered in Phase 2. The fun open PvP brawls quickly turned into a sort of "Day Z" survival combat mod for WoW. The whole world felt like it was hunting for every living Alliance supporter.
  • Things got better with the introduction of Battlegrounds. In Alterac Valley, it was possible for the Alliance to sneak in in-server raids at the beginning. Then, when the premade trick was taken out of the game, the Horde started to take revenge for all the defeats - until now. It also became unpleasant in Alterac Valley because toxic strategies were often used there that had only one goal: to prevent efficient honor farming.
  • After you could no longer register for Alterac Valley with raids, Warsong Gulch was the most efficient battlefield for honor hunting. However, there could be very inefficient matches against other tribe groups there that lasted more than two hours, with some teams investing hundreds or even thousands of gold pieces in consumables and engineering gadgets.
  • With the introduction of Arathi Basin and Battleground holidays, the meta changed again: time invested became even more important, and the PvP community on Herod quadrupled overnight.
  • Sundrix has never been about the rewards earned in the honor hunt. For him, the journey is the destination. WoW Classic is a unique experience, the player explains, and PvP plays a big part in that. Along the way, he's been lucky enough to meet a lot of great people and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations on "Rank 42" and now we're waiting for some PvP maniac to bring his fourth Classic character to Rank 14. What do you think: Will it happen?

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