• March 30, 2023

The upcoming patch 9.2 should no longer force WoW players to play certain content when they don't actually feel like it, just to get relevant resources. Until now, WoW players in Shadowlands, for example, had to go to Torghast if they wanted to build a Legendary

, since Soul Embers and Soul Ashes were only available there.

With Patch 9.2, Cosmic Flux will be introduced as a new resource. It will be used for the further upgrading of Legendarys, but also for the production of Tier Set items.

So that you won't be forced back into a special content of the game, Cosmic Flux will be available as a reward in almost every end-game activity; be it world quests, dungeons or the raid.

Cosmic Flux as a consolation prize

The developers have also thought about the Great Treasury. There you already have the option to choose the consolation prize if you don't like any of the offered items. You will then receive three servant tokens of commendation, which you can use to go shopping at the merchant Ko'tul.

WoW Patch 9.2: New Great Treasury Consolation Prizes - Cosmic Flux (2) Source: buffed There you will receive 500 Stygia, 250 Soul Ash, 175 Anima or 500 Catalogued Research per character.

  • And with patch 9.2, Ko'tul now adds 500 Cosmic Flux per character to its offer.

So even if none of the items are really any good, you'll still get a halfway useful reward.

By the way, Ko'tul also offers Korthite Crystals in patch 9.2. Until now, you could only buy them for servant badges of commendation. Starting with the new update, you can also choose to pay 1,500 bravery points per 5 crystals.

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In this case, the 500 Cosmic Flux already seems almost too much. Considering that you will then get 1,500 Cosmic Flux per week, and only need 2,000 to upgrade a Legendary, and a maximum of 1,500 to craft a Tier Set item. On the other hand, the consolation prize is then a usable price again as of patch 9.2. Because let's be honest, with 175 Anima you don't lure anyone out from behind the stove, and also the catalogued research is collected in the meantime in the twinkling of an eye.

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