• March 25, 2023

In the World of Warcraft, the Ruins of Alterac are the remains of the former city of Alterac in the Alterac Mountains. The city was once the capital of the kingdom of Alterac. During the Second War, it was ruled by Lord Aiden Perenolde. The city was attacked by the Alliance for their treachery during the Second War, and most of the population subsequently abandoned their ruined homes. Now Crushridge ogres have taken the abandoned ruins. Of the former capital, only the mighty fortress building remains relatively intact. A destroyed church and a town hall can also be found there.

In WoW Classic, there are a few good reasons to keep visiting the ruins after level 40, especially if you are an Herbalist and/or Alchemist. The prerequisite, however, is that you are able to defeat the ogres there solo, if necessary, because - unlike after the Cataclysm - they are all(!) tough elite hunks in Classic who can dish out mightily. The reward for this is impressive, as (saleable) "green" armor pieces and silver pieces drop in droves, the coveted burial moss for shadow protection potions blooms in the graveyard in the city, and alchemists find a goblin named Bro'kin on the city walls, who, among other things, sells the recipe for frost oil in limited quantities. And there's another attraction: near the part of the city wall that faces Lake Lordamere, the rare yeti Skhowl occasionally hangs around, dropping the stylish leather Feathered Headdress and the rare Howling Blade, among other items, which are highly coveted by rogues. The two items are also tradable.

In the following annotated image gallery, you can see our level 40 Reinforcer Shaman on a "tour" of the ruins on the beta server. We'll show you all of the highlights just mentioned. Enjoy!