• May 28, 2023

Over the weekend, the developers at Blizzard published a preview of the Maw and the opponents of the end-game zone of WoW: Shadowlands on the official WoW site.

Those who are banished to the Maw are doomed to a bleak eternity. In this savage land without hope, the most vile souls of the cosmos are trapped in eternal torment for all time. Should the ancient evil imprisoned here be released, it will devour all of reality.

Back to the Abyss

From the Abyss you'll begin your journey to the Shadowlands - and after traveling the Realm of Death, you'll eventually have to return there and face its horrors once again. Here you'll have to prepare for a long battle with the Dungeon Master to restore balance to the Shadowlands. Your advances and successes in this terrible place will help you better understand your opponent and give you the power to resist his tireless attacks. However, with each victory you will attract the attention of the jailer. He will send his forces after you until you succumb to darkness.

Before mortals found a way into the maw, the maw-bound could be sure that there was no escape for their enemies. But with the power to come and go at will, you pose a threat that must be eliminated.

When you defeat enemies in the maw or complete quests, you earn Stygia, which you can use to acquire ciphers. These are powerful tools and buffs that will help you survive in this terrible place, as well as in Torghast, the Tower of the Damned. With one of the ciphers that Ve'nari sells, you are guaranteed to always be able to choose between at least two Animaboni from all sources. If you like to always have some of the Maw with you on your travels, you can also trade your Stygia for cosmetic items like pets.
WoW Shadowlands: Official Preview of the Maw - Ve'nari is an enigmatic midwife who dwells in the shadows and has survived to this day for some unknown reason. And for a long time. You will not meet a friendlier face in this realm. Source: Blizzard If you are defeated by the dungeon master's forces in the Maw, you will lose some of your precious Stygia. However, if you dare to return to the place of your defeat, you can retrieve the lost Stygia.

Soul Salvation

Since the Judge has become inactive and no longer leads souls to their destination in the afterlife, they are instead all condemned to eternal torment in the Maw. Many of the souls in the maw are already irretrievably lost. Some, however, are strong enough to withstand the torments of the maw and can still be saved. If you free these souls and bring them to your sanctum, you will not only have righted a cosmic wrong, but also recruited a new member for your pact!

The Domain of the Dungeon Master

The creatures that dwell in the Maw are powerful foes not to be trifled with. You will have to use all your skills, strategies and tricks to survive.


The servants of the dungeon master who bring torment and pain to the most vile souls.

  • MawboundAvenger: These winged warriors circle the skies, spearing intruders with their spears.
  • Mawbound Shadow Wizard: These powerful spellcasters shoot deadly bolts of dark energy at all those who defy the will of the dungeon master.

WoW Shadowlands: Official Maw Preview - Mawbound Source: Blizzard

Essence of Death

Soul energy trapped in the Maw since time immemorial manifests itself in malevolent apparitions that wreak havoc in the darkness of the Maw.
WoW Shadowlands: Official Preview of the Maw - Essence of Death Source: Blizzard

Charred Beast

These brutal, armored creatures love carnage and crush everything in their path with their sheer power.
WoW Shadowlands: Official Maw Preview - Charred Beast Source: Blizzard

Soul Seekers

The Soul Seekers serve as eyes for the Dungeon Master, always scanning the realm for suspicious activity and eliminating intruders without hesitation.
WoW Shadowlands: Official Maw Preview - Soul Seekers Source: Blizzard

Soul Eaters

These vicious, savage beasts lie in wait for prey in the maw, then tear their victims apart with sharp claws and feast on their screams before devouring them, skin and soul.
WoW Shadowlands: Official Preview of the Maw - Soul Eaters Source: Blizzard

Blazing Stygia

Once the Aranakk were assassins and scouts of the fallen House of Eyes, but now they are but nomads, following no banner. Their burning hatred condenses into Blazing Stygia, who roam aimlessly, venting their fiery wrath on unfortunate souls.
WoW Shadowlands: Official Maw Preview - Blazing Stygia Source: Blizzard

Eye of the Dungeon Master

As you kill Mawbound and decimate the Dungeon Master's forces on your way through the Maw, he becomes aware of your presence. As you complete quests, open treasures, and defeat rare enemies in the Maw, you will attract the Eye of the Dungeon Master. The Master of the Maw will torment you with increasingly treacherous punishments. These include siege fire that wreaks havoc and assassins that hunt you down. There are five different threat levels. Once you reach threat level 5, you will be drained of health until you fall. After that, you will not be able to enter the maw until the next day.

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