• March 30, 2023


What do you do when your guild in World of Warcraft has already dealt with the biggest PvE challenge of the moment? Follow the example of the leader of Complexity Limit and use your experience to help other players raid. Preferably incognito.


Maximum - leader of the top PvE Complexity Limit guild in World of Warcraft - helps other players raid;
The streamer tries to anonymously support groups of random players or those from smaller guilds with advice and, if necessary, a handful of in-game experienced friends.
If you've ever tried your hand at MMORPGs, you probably know that they don't always have much in common with relaxing fun. Especially if you are a member of a guild that takes its approach to the next raids seriously. Complexity Limit is one such guild, which in December was the first to complete Castle Nathria (the first raid from the Shadowlands add-on to World of Warcraft) on Mythic difficulty. So currently, guild members don't have much "work" to do, at least until new content is released. However, the leader of Complexity Limit - Maximum - doesn't complain about boredom. He's found something else to do in his downtime from record-breaking: secretly helping other WoW players with raids.

The premise of Maximum is not complicated. Streamer chooses a nickname not associated with him and finds members from one of the smaller guilds having problems with this or that raid. Usually in such cases, players are found within so-called pug (Pickup groups, or groups made up of random participants with a common goal). Maximum then watches the team's actions and advises them on how to tackle the challenge. If that's not enough, the streamer offers the option to invite friends to help. This was the case with the group trying to tackle Sire Denathrius, which proved to be beyond the players' strength. However, with the support of Maximum (who remained incognito), the team made significant progress. Finally, when Limit's leader invited a handful of experienced players with his permission, it only took three attempts ("pots") for the group to get the coveted achievement for defeating Sire Denathrius.

For Maximum, this is not the first time. When many guilds were still trying to defeat N'ztoth in May 2020 (via Reddit), the Complexity Limit leader also rushed to their aid (though not necessarily directly or with anonymity). On his channel, he posts videos of such sessions, but also footage with advice on how to run raids.