• February 8, 2023

Update from 17:50:
Meanwhile, the developers of Blizzard have published the German patch notes for the WoW hotfixes of December 01. We have updated the message accordingly.

Original message:
As smooth as the launch of WoW: Shadowlands itself has gone, there are still numerous small construction sites and bugs bubbling under the surface. The next, packed hotfix package, which was loaded onto the live servers of World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) last night, provides further proof of this. The focus was on bug fixes for numerous quests, dungeons, items and some classes.

Below you can read the official English patch notes. As soon as Blizzard has published the German patch notes, we will update this message. Hotfixes are updates that are applied server-side without the need to download new data. Some of the changes listed below will take effect as soon as Blizzard implements them, whereas others will only take effect after an announced realm restart. Please note that some issues cannot be fixed without a client-side patch.

WoW: Hotfixes from 01 December - Patch Notes


  • Opening the Misplaced Supplies now grants progress for the achievement "Treasures of Maldraxxus". Players may need to collect them again to receive the progress.
  • The Hard-to-Find Fairy Chest required for the Treasures of the Arden Forest achievement is now easier to find.


  • Hunter
    • Beastmastery
      • The Night Fae ability Wild Spirits no longer deals multiple damage when using Wrath of the Beast with the Animal Companion talent or Spiked Arrow with the Stomp talent.
    • Marksmanship
      • Fixed a bug where Shadow Core Oil Burn would prevent the talent Persistent Focus from triggering when Reliable Shot was cast twice in a row.
      • Fixed a bug where using Shock Fire would cause the Night Fae ability Wild Spirits to hit enemies multiple times.
  • Death Knight
    • General
      • Fixed several bugs related to Death Knight voice effects. Now you can strike fear into your enemies with a clearer /roar!
  • Priest
    • General
      • Phantasmic Detonation now explodes as intended when the illusion of the anima bonus Explosive Phantom is defeated by Torghast.
  • Shaman
    • Restoration
      • [In Progress] The legendary effect "Primeval Flood Core" now only grants "Spring Tide" to allied player characters.


  • Two battle-ready Tauraluses have been added outside of the Primus Seat to help you move faster in the Pact Sanctum.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Nikara Blackheart at Sophia's Aria in the Bastion now deals the intended damage and is no longer quite as much of a challenge.
  • Wielding Smite is now ready to help fight Harika the Terrible in Revendreth, no matter how many players give him weapons at the same time. Also, ballista bolts now appear more frequently. Bags of tools from Shiverport have been removed because they are redundant. Also, Wielding Smite now no longer gets stuck with the broken ballista and resets as intended.

Dungeons & Raids

  • The Andre Side
    • Mueh'zala
      • Mueh'zala now has an energy meter to make it easier to see when he will next use Soul Crusher.
  • The Necrotic Aisle
    • Dungeon enemies can no longer immediately recast Spine Crush.
  • Plague Strike
    • Endlessly Divisible Slime will now drop as intended for classes with the primary attributes of Agility and Intelligence.
  • Spikes of Ascension
    • Kyrians moving players from platform to platform now take Druids in all guises.

Items and Rewards

  • The volume of the War Mending Gloom Hound mount's sound effect played during inactivity has been reduced.
  • The Lively Dragon Feather toy now has a cooldown of 15 minutes (previously 5 minutes).
  • Players can now watch others play the Faeharp (toy). Enjoy the show!
  • Fixed a bug where characters did not stop laughing after using the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera 2.0.
  • The Fried Seraph wings effect now only works in the open world and not in dungeons or battlegrounds. The tooltips will be updated accordingly in a future patch.
  • Pot of instant noodles now increases the versatility of level 60 Pandaren characters by the intended amount.


  • Oribos PvP quests such as "Battle Observation" now display the drop location when completed.
  • Hunter
    • Hunter's Mark now lasts 30 seconds in PvP (previously infinite).


  • [After server restarts in each region] Fixed a bug where the experience gained from crafting a legendary item was sometimes lost after logging back in.
  • Budding whips now grant loot to herbalists when herbs are collected from their corpses.


  • Pact Campaign
    • Fixed a bug where players below level 50 who activated Threads of Fate mode were not receiving quests in the Shadowlands.
    • Fixed a bug where the vocation quest "Animabergung" could not be canceled or completed after a pact change.
  • Bastion
    • Fixed a bug where opening Silver Lockboxes did not count towards the "Sweet Tribute" quest.
    • "Friendly Rivalry" can now be turned in while the "Training Runs" world quest is available.
    • Fixed a bug where the quest "Hero's Rest" could not be turned in to the omnipresent version of Kalisthene.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented interaction with the Chamber Incense Burner during the "After You" quest.
  • Maldraxxus
    • Mounts can no longer be used on the Island with the Unfinished Blade for the quest "Through the Fire and Flames".
    • Draka can now be found at the Seat of Primus for the "Return to Draka" quest submission.
    • More enemies can now drop smallpox skin samples for the dungeon quest "Plague Plunge: Knee Deep Inside".
    • The traitor heads for "Bring Me Their Heads!" are now dropped more frequently.
    • The number of Animate that must be recruited for the "Animate Revival" quest has been reduced to 12 (previously 15) and they now appear more frequently.
    • The Ash Ghouls required to complete "Unbearable Light" now appear more frequently.
    • Emeni now offers the quests "The Assassin's Daughter" and "Jammed" to players who have lost them.
  • Ardenwald
    • Fixed a bug where quest objectives for "Root Cut" and "Take the Force" were sometimes invisible.
  • Revendreth
    • Stonehead is hungry! "Bites for Stonehead" is now available to all players in the Ember Quarter as intended.
    • "Halls of Atonement: Your Absolution" is now available to Venthyr Pact members from Archivist Fane in the Halls of Atonement, as intended.
  • The Maw
    • Prince Renathal now also cloaks when the player character cloaks during the campaign quest "Torghast, Tower of the Damned."
    • In Kokyros, there are now more souls that can be saved for the quest " Rule Number 1: Have an Escape Plan". We're not proud of throwing more poor souls into the maw, but it should make the quest easier to complete.
  • The Island of the Banished
    • Fixed a bug where players on the Isle of the Banished could not see Mithdran Dawnseeker, and thus could not continue the quest, if they completed either "Down with the Spiked Livers" or "Forbidden Necromancy of the Spiked Livers" without accepting the other quest.

Soul Ties

  • Niya's Soul Bond ability Tireless Running now no longer heals at full health.

The Maw: Eye of the Dungeon Master

  • Saving souls with the Soul Keeper no longer grants Stygia when threat level 5 is reached.
  • Fixed a bug where the Soul Keeper would accompany you in the Maw when the vocation quest "Animabergung" was active. As intended, he is now only with you when you need to collect souls.

World quests

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "Dispel Their Fears" world quest from appearing.
  • Fixed a bug where Korinna's soothing staff could be used on living targets during the "Dispel Their Fears" world quest.
  • Fixed a bug that made it more difficult than intended to maintain 'Precision' during the world quest "We'll Make Another Aspirant of You".
  • Fixed a bug where the quest "Long Won Victories" could be completed multiple times.
  • Battle Pet World quests now grant progress for Appeal quests that require activities to be completed in a zone.
  • Crates of recovered explosives for the Maldraxxus "Revenge" world quest now appear more frequently.
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