• March 30, 2023

Even before the release of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic, Asmongold was enormously successful on Youtube and Twitch. Sure, his style didn't go down well with every viewer. But in terms of views of his videos, hardly anyone could hold a candle to him. The launch of the WoW re-release, driven by the hype train racing through the web, then even provided a boost: In August, September, and October 2019, he was the most popular streamer on Twitch.

On average,

more than 60,000 viewers watched him play WoW Classic


but the viewers also noticed that WoW Classic was taking its toll on the streamer. Despite big words, Asmongold and his guild Olympus could hardly do anything against the overwhelming power of the Horde on the PvP server Faerlina. In addition, there was a small war with the streamer Advertise as well as a lot of criticism from the community, for example that he was playing Classic incorrectly.

Back in November, all the drama and stress made Asmongold think about saying goodbye to WoW Classic. Then in December, his last video went online. After that, he was suddenly gone. Without announcement, farewell or explanation.

Now, about two and a half months later, Asmongold has spoken up in a very long video - as you would expect from him - and talked about the reasons for the sudden break as well as his future plans


We have embedded the video in the following, below you can find a summary of the most important findings:

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  • The last few months before the break were extremely successful for Asmongold. Tens of thousands of viewers watched his streams every day. On the one hand, that was great, of course. On the other hand, Asmongold felt he had to pretend to be in this mainstream position because the mass of viewers had certain expectations of him that didn't match his true nature.
  • It became problematic for him, for example, when a viewer of his stream made death threats to him and his family. Asmongold commented on this in his own direct way at the time. As a result, many sites pounced on this quote, ripping it out of context and making him look like he hates people who are mentally ill. Things like this happened more and more as his viewership grew, so Asmongold censored himself more and more and was less and less himself to the outside world.
  • Those who have been following his stream since the beginning know that Asmongold has always been known for speaking his mind and not keeping his opinions to himself, even if he sometimes stepped on people's toes or offended with his opinions. In these last months, Asmongold felt very uncomfortable with pretending more and more.
  • As a result, his videos were less and less likely to feature the things that interested him personally and that, because of their often wacky, bizarre, offbeat nature, gave his streams that certain something for a long time that everyone enjoyed and thought about later. Instead, the streams increasingly ended in the hundredth discussion about whether, say, Vanilla is heavier than Classic. That wasn't interesting to Asmongold or many viewers, and here he admits that he should never have let it get to that point. It was also a mistake, in his view, to listen to the critics who constantly complained when he wasn't streaming Classic. Asmongold also let that influence him far too often.
  • In addition, there was all the drama in WoW Classic, which sometimes reminded him of a reality TV show, as well as a whole series of problems in his personal environment. For example, he cites his relationship with streamer Pink Sparkles, who was the target of repeated verbal attacks from the community and who came to an end shortly before the sudden streaming hiatus.
  • Of course, he liked it very much that he earned so much money with his videos. But he no longer necessarily needs further money. And he could have made a lot more money with sponsors alone, but money itself was never his main drive. Likewise, it has not made him a happier person just because he was so successful as a streamer. Instead, there are simply other things in his environment that ensure that he is not too happy with himself and his life in private. And if money isn't important and streaming becomes an additional burden on top of his already tense private situation, then some distance and a break is certainly a sensible option, and Asmongold took it.
  • Currently, Asmongold is thinking about returning in a week or so. He's up for Shadowlands Alpha, the current BfA raid, and also BWL in WoW Classic. He is looking forward to it, but is also a bit nervous due to the break.
  • With his return, Asmongold wants to be more himself again, make content that he's up for, and no longer be controlled by people who actually only leave destructive comments in the chat.
  • He knows only too well that other people have comparable or even worse problems. And if he can help with his content to entertain these people for some time and distract them from these things, then this will also help him in his situation.

Asmongold gets support from his buddy Esfand, who is also a well-known WoW streamer, who makes it clear: "If you as a streamer only get negative feedback all the time, are insulted and threatened and you get the feeling that everyone hates you, then that puts a strain on you.


his opinion, the community is responsible for Asmongold's break.

Have you been following all the drama? Were you even a regular Asmongold viewer? Are you looking forward to his comeback? Tell us in the comments!

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