• March 25, 2023

After the World First Race for the Sanctum of Domination, Guild Leader Max from Limit answered some of his chat's questions about the race. In doing so, he talks about the roles of each spec, what you did wrong and right, raid matchups, spit runs, and more. You can find the video below. We've summarized the most important statements for you below.

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Were two demon hunters the right decision?
Limit made some mistakes in this World First Race, packing two Demon Hunters was not one of them. Devastators are super strong on every boss in this tier. They are always top 3 DpS, have strong defense, are super mobile, and bring a raid cooldown with darkness. However, to get the most out of them, DHs have to play with zeal, which makes it riskier to play.

Night Fae vs Venthyr Boomkins.
Perhaps a better analysis of how the changes affect Venthyr Moonkins should have been done here. Instead of a relaxed playstyle and constant damage, as a Moonkin with Insatiable Frenzy you have to build up a lot of damage over a minute every time, which is significantly more stressful and can limit you in certain boss stages.

Also, the matching BiS Legendary Sinful Hysteria wasn't unlocked via fame until Mythic ID. So the Moonkins didn't have time to test their new playstyle in Heroic.

What are your biggest regrets? What would you do differently?
In hindsight, it's hard to say. Ideally, you shouldn't have done the Sylvanas and Kel'Thuzad split runs before Soul Shredder Dormazain, since the bosses were generated after the fact and you were fighting a much stronger version of the bosses.

What Max regrets the most is that they didn't do more split runs. Echo ended up having two item levels more than Limit across the board. Echo farmed 16 hours of split runs, while Limit only put seven hours into splits. It was assumed that Sylvanas would die on the 2nd reset instead of the first. In this scenario, split runs in the second ID no longer have that much of an effect, while if the final boss dies in the first ID, split runs from the first Heroic week are more significant. Unfortunately, Fate Scribe Roh-Kalo and Kel'Thuzad were such a big disappointment that they didn't make it to the second ID.

Why didn't they take an Unholy Death Knight for Sylvanas?
None of the Death Knights at Limit managed to get the items that unlock the Unholy set bonus via shards. With Unholy Infestation, Dark Transformation, and Apocalypse, Death Knights have cooldowns ready for every platform at the end and do good boss damage. Unfortunately, as I said, luck has been lacking with Limits DKs.

Did Blizzard keep/fulfill the promise of aligning melee and ranged combatants?
Yes, we had a total of seven melee fighters and seven ranged fighters. In the chain phase at Sylvanas, you could have had more ranged fighters, but with Kel'Thuzad and Phase 3 of Sylvanas in mind, they preferred a team with Spurring Cry and Darkness in testing.

Would Limit have extended the ID if Echo hadn't defeated Sylvanas in the first ID?
Limit definitely would have extended the ID and gone straight for World First Tuesday morning. The only thing that would have been done would have been an NHC run for more Shards of Domination.

Would protection warrior have been an option instead of blood death knight?
In the beginning they had a plan to play with a Protection Warrior instead of Blood Death Knight. The reason why they ultimately decided against it was because of the single target damage of the Death Knight. Also, with Vampiraura, Blood Death Knights had the ability to increase the damage of Demonology Warlocks with Demonic Consume.

How close were you to packing a rogue?
Limit was planning on bringing a rogue, mainly for more single target damage on Sylvanas. Limit's Rogues were also unlucky with their Unholy Shards, though, and didn't get the set bonus together.

Do you expect any roster changes after losing the WFR?
Echo just played better than Limit in every aspect in that tier, Limit was better in the other two tiers before that.

Which boss was worse in design? Kel'Thuzad or Generals of the Stone Legion?
Kel'Thuzad. Blizzard designed Kel'Thuzad to not really be hard and the more gear you get, just wait longer.

Will we see more reinforcement shamans in the future?
Pretty sure we will, yes. Totem of Wind Wrath is a massive buff for weapon warriors, demon hunters, paladins, and rogues - especially rogues. As long as the boss mechanics don't punish you harshly for taking more melee fighters, buffs become more and more valuable.

They also bring Reincarnation, Totem of the Windstorm, and Spirit Purification to the raid. Restoration Shaman will be seen less for this as long as Blizzard doesn't tweak the DpS of Shaman Healer. This area is currently dominated by Priests with Soul of Power and Paladins with Ashen Consecration.

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So mistcaster is dead?

How good is the Sylvanas fight?
Sylvanas has the best phase 1 of any end boss in years, better than BfA end bosses. Also the best phase 3 in years. The length of the fight (15 minutes), the ten instead of four pick ups where you stand around more or less AFK are bad.

The most valuable classes(specs in the sanctum of domination?
Right now there are a lot of good specs. Many playstyles are good in different scenarios.

  • Furor warriors are actually strong, but the fights just aren't currently designed for them.
  • Weapon warriors have good single target damage and cleave.
  • Rogues are super strong, but also super one dimensional.
  • Shadow priests super strong, but not as one dimensional as rogues.
  • Boomkins just polarize DpS players, but can only unleash their damage in certain time slots and you have to build your team around them.
  • Demonology is the best single target spec in the game, even better if you buff it with Vampiraura. The fights aren't designed around them as much though, as you can rarely afford to go for single target damage alone.
  • Unholy death knights are super strong, unfortunately Limit hasn't had any luck with Unholy shards.
  • Desolation Demon Hunters are the champions of all classes. Their single target damage is good, they have good cleave, AoE burst, a good raid cooldown with darkness and are super mobile.

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