• March 30, 2023

If you played the original WoW: Burning Crusade back in the day, you'll remember that the Blizzard developers wanted to avoid a Naxxramas 2.0 at all costs (in terms of attendance), so they made sure that TBC's dungeon and raid challenges became, shall we say, much more accessible over time. The designers did this by toning down the enemies and removing or simplifying the attunement process for the various instances.

Blizzard was careful to remove the access requirements late in the TBC era, however. It wasn't until patch 2.4, for example, that they made it possible for players to enter Hyjal and the Black Temple without the associated Attunement questlines, and they also removed the need for every character to have the Master's Key to

visit Karazhan.

We're still a long way from the final content phase of TBC Classic, but Blizzard has apparently already eased the attunement process with phase 2. At least players on Reddit and the Youtuber Scottejaye report that you can already enter Karazhan without the key. You just need someone to unlock it for you, so another player with an Attunement degree or a rogue.

Granted: Blizzard had announced back in April that they were going to loosen up the Attunement quest lines over time. But there was no corresponding hint in the patch notes of Phase 2

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