• March 30, 2023

If you believe the signs of the store bundle and the rumors around leaks about the new WoW expansion, then the next addon will probably somehow revolve around dragons. How reliable these leaks are is hard to judge. Usually it is the nephew of an uncle, whose sister works at Blizzard, who found the leak and put it on the Internet.

But sometimes leaks turn out to be true. Especially those from the MMO Champion website have often hit the mark in the past. The Empire of Dragons leak was published by a redditor named iExtrordinary in the WoW Reddit. The logo allegedly comes from a Discord group.

The logo of Empire of Dragons under the magnifying glass

WoW: The Void and Dragons - new addon leak "Empire of Dragons" with logo (1) Source: iExtrordinary / mmo-champion
"Empire of Dragons" is the lettering below, which fits the narrative of a possible dragon expansion. The first thing that stands out is the color, which suggests that the expansion might have something to do with the void. A conflict between light and void has already been hinted at to us since Legion. On the sides, we see two arcs, perhaps hinting at Alleria. The ranger sister of Sylvanas has been known as the new agent of the Void since Legion. Her connection to Turalyon and thus the Light has potential for an exciting story.

However, we see this kind of bow in a similar form in many other WoW logos. So there doesn't have to be an allusion to a hunter or a main character wielding a bow as a weapon.

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The details are right

Azeroth is cracked in the middle in the image above. We last saw this in the Cataclysm logo, but the shape and location of the crack are different than in the Cataclysm logo - so simply copying 1:1 was not done here. The third arc to the right of the "of" in Empire of Dragons is not central and thus looks a bit bumbling at first glance. The same could be said about the "for" in the Battle for Azeroth logo.
WoW: The Void and Dragons - new addon leak "Empire of Dragons" with logo (2) Source: Blizzard
Another noticeable feature of the otherwise very solid looking logo is the Registered Trademark (R) next to World of Warcraft (buy now ) and the Trademark (TM). The Shadowlands logo, for example, doesn't have TM in the fine print, but that doesn't mean anything either. When the R and TM have been used in the past has always been different. For example, the Legion logo has neither the R nor the TM, while the Cataclysm logo has only the R and Warlords of Draenor has both. So there is no continuity here and therefore you can't derive any evidence of a fake.

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What do you think of the "Empire of Dragons" leak? Does the logo look real to you? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

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