• March 30, 2023

To complete a Mythic Plus dungeon in WoW as fast as possible, you need as much DpS as you can get somehow. That should be clear to everyone so far. But in order to get life, you should have a stable tank and a strong one with you - the holy trinity that made WoW great. But that doesn't necessarily have to be the right way. Because little by little, we're seeing more and more groups in Shadowlands going without a healer. This has been a trend in past expansions, but more towards the end of the expansion. Now, however, we're still at the beginning of Shadowlands, and we're already seeing groups that can handle even high levels without a healer - thanks to the Protection Paladin.

The group in question successfully completed the admittedly fairly easy Tirna Scithe dungeon in under 23 minutes, with only one death. That should be faster than the bulk of "normal" groups tackle this dungeon. That said, the incoming damage wasn't necessarily less than you'd expect from your own runs through a dungeon of this level. So who healed that away? The short answer is: The Protection Paladin, who can heal not only himself but also all other players with his Holy Power. But it had to be a bit more than that. That's why the Paladin was supported by the Owl, who distributed a few HoTs here and there between the pulls. Together, they replaced the healer without sacrificing much damage.

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Nevertheless, this approach is probably advisable for very few groups. As soon as something goes wrong and more damage comes in than absolutely necessary, the healing of Paladin and Owl would hardly be enough - unless the Balance Druid has Convocation of Spirits or Heart of the Wild ready. Better to bring a real healer then, who does damage on the side if there isn't much to heal.

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