• March 30, 2023

With each new expansion, WoW developers try to improve the game experience. Often, this involves major changes and the telling of ever more epic stories. Every now and then, however, smaller adjustments are also made to the servers, which you might not notice directly, but which nevertheless positively influence the feeling in the virtual game world. This can include the improvement of the soundscape or the implementation of birds flying around or the like. Shadowlands also includes small improvements that are supposed to increase the immersion.
For example, the NPCs get an update that causes them to turn towards you as soon as you approach them. Until now, humans, orcs and the like only looked at you when you interacted with them or selected them as a target. In Shadowlands, it's enough to get within a few meters of them,

so if you're strolling through Orgrimmar or Stormwind, you'll be followed by some glances


What still seems quite polite with individual NPCs can be quite disturbing with larger groups. There is a strange feeling when you walk through the streets and you are constantly followed by glances. But after all, we are the savior of the world and one of the greatest heroes under the sun of Azeroth. So it's understandable if every little peon or worker wants to catch a glimpse of us.

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By the way, the system is still a bit buggy at the moment and every now and then the NPCs just seem to overlook us. However, this may be intentional on the part of the developers.

What do you think about these minor changes - do you think they are completely unnecessary or do they provide a better immersion and a more pleasant gameplay?

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