• May 28, 2023

When we reach the new end-game content in WoW: Shadowlands, the loot carousel turns once again: We want to capture the best possible equipment as quickly as possible in order to make the greatest possible progress in the raid content. In addition to Torghast, the new dungeons, world quests and the raids themselves, we can do this again by killing various world bosses.

There are

four of them in the Shadowlands, exactly one for each realm (Maldraxxus, Bastion, Revendreth and Ardenwald).

Vanion has found out that the loot the bosses drop has an item level between 200 and 213. This corresponds to the loot from the normal and heroic modes of the first raid Castle Nathria. Each boss drops at least one piece of armor per armor class. Depending on the boss, the loot also includes two rings, a cloak, and a necklace, as well as legendary effects. Each boss drops three unique legendary effects, specific to each class. Accordingly, the loot list looks like this:

Valinor, the Light of Aeons - Bastion World Boss

  • Anima-Charged Wristbanding (leather, bracers)
  • Centurion Core Cincture (chain, belt)
  • Doubtweaver's Handwraps (cloth, gloves)
  • Oversized Centurion Helmet (Plate, Helmet)
  • Valinor's Ground Pounders (plate, boots)
  • Shroud of the Penitent (cloak)
  • Memory of Archbishop Benedictus (legendary effect, priest)
  • Memory of the Final Verdict (legendary effect, paladin)
  • Memory of the Windspeaker's Lava Resurgence (legendary effect, shaman)

Oranomonos, the Ever-Sprouting - World Boss of Ardenwald

  • Ironroot Bindings (chain, bracers)
  • Oranomonos' Diaphanous Leggings (leather, pants)
  • Seed-Tender's Handwraps (Leather, Gloves)
  • Slippers of the Leafy Undergrowth (cloth, boots)
  • Stonebark Girdle (plate, belt)
  • Twisted Witherroot Band (Ring)
  • Memory of a Fevered Incantation (legendary effect, mage)
  • Memory of Surging Shots (legendary effect, hunter)
  • Memory of the Verdant Infusion (legendary effect, Druid)

Nurgash Mudborn - World Boss of Revendreth

  • Comfortable Slumberwraps (cloth, bracers)
  • Sinstone Shoulderpadding (cloth, shoulders)
  • Nurgash's Belt of Many Sinstones (Leather, Belt)
  • Hardened Castle Crushers (plate, gloves)
  • Jingling Stone Stompers (chain, boots)
  • Muckformed Chain Choker (necklace)
  • Memory of a Frenzied Monstrosity (legendary effect, death knight)
  • Memory of an Erratic Fel Core (legendary effect, demon hunter)
  • Memory of Azj'Aqir's Madness (legendary effect, Warlock)

Mortanis - World Boss of Maldraxxus

  • Bone Crushing Vicegrips (chain, gloves)
  • Mortanis' Ribcage (Chain, Chest)
  • Bone-Cleated Footpads (Leather, Boots)
  • Shoulderblade Vambraces (Plate, Bracers)
  • Spine Crawler Waistcord (cloth, belt)
  • Band of the Risen Bonelord (Ring)
  • Memory of a Guile Charm (legendary effect, rogue)
  • Memory of Fujieda (legendary effect, warrior)
  • Memory of Keefer (legendary effect, monk)
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