• March 30, 2023

The fact that corruption effects are still a problem in Patch 8.3 is something we and others have already discussed enough. Infinite Stars, for example, is responsible for a good portion of the damage against individual targets in raids, without you having to change anything about your play style.

In PvP, however, it becomes even clearer what kind of absurd feature the developers of WoW (buy now 14,99 € )


unleashed on the players. In the 3v3 arena tournament Method Mayhem, one team took it to the extreme and equipped themselves with over 600 Corruption in order to use several Infinite Star Perks to blow their opponents out of their virtual lives in one fell swoop. You can see what this looks like in the clip below.

Watch Rerun: Race to World First Eternal Palace by Method at www.twitch.tvIn

this clip

, the

"died to sac" team plays with two Paladins so that they can make themselves immune to the negative effects of Corruption in addition to the cape effect with God Shield. Because at the latest when The Thing from Beyond sprints towards one of the players at 600+ corruption, he is lying in the dirt.

Admittedly, with their tactic to collect 600+ corruption points, they were not very successful. However, with a little more proc luck, it could have led to success. This is evidenced by the completely unintentional death of the Monk, who is not targeted by any of his three opponents and yet dies in a millisecond to an Infinite Stars proc. The team with two Paladins ends up losing because the add of the negative effect The Thing from Beyond onehits them both before they can defeat the mage on the opposing team. From the Twitch chat and the reaction of the casters, you can see that the already confusing WoW arena esports only gets more confusing and confounded by the spoil effects.

Friedkitteh | R1 Mage - 2 by Friedkitteh on www.twitch.tvThanks to the

special merchants on the Tournament realms, players can put together such kinky gear. But even in normal arena matches, spoiling effects determine victory or defeat. In the clip above, the mage is not even targeted by his opponent, much like the monk in the previous video, and is behind the pillar. However, thanks to two procs from Infinite Stars, he still dies from 40% health to his opponent's Corruption effect completely at random.

Recently, the developers

changed the

effect of Echoing Void so that it is not too crucial for the Mythic Dungeon Tournament. Arena players are now calling for Corruption effects to either be removed from the arena altogether, or for a cap to be put in place.

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