• March 30, 2023

Raiding is expensive - we all know that. Vials, potions, buff food, runes, and armor sets go for gold when you've had a night of wipes. And then there's the constant repairing of your gear. Every death drains the durability of valuable items, and only gold will bring everything back to 100 percent. But where does all the gold actually go? Consumables are usually bought in Ah, which allows other players to earn a fortune. But the real money-maker of all the wipes in Castle Nathria is little Rendel. That digger who has packed his anvil and hammer to travel to faraway Castle Nathria to offer his services to the adventurers there. In short, he's the little twopenny who stands at the entrance to the raid, constantly repairing your equipment as you run in.

The good Rendel has already made a pile of gold with his repairs. Source: buffed The fact that the developers of Blizzard also like to show humor and attention to detail in small things is not only known since yesterday. For example, we still remember well the Forsaken flag, which no longer stood upright on the Argent Crucifixion tournament field, but was thrown into the dirt by other NPCs. Such a small (or in that case unmissably large) detail the developers have now added again with patch 9.0.5. The aforementioned Grave Rendel now has an enormous pile of gold lying next to him. Apparently, business is going quite well for the little guy.

Of course, the whole thing has no gameplay implications, but is just a nice allusion by the developers to how much gold players spend on repair costs while raiding. It would be exciting, of course, if Rendel would think economically smart and also move with the upcoming raid Sanctum of Domination and we see his gold mountain continue to grow. But whether he really dares to go into the Maw, we'll see later.

By the way, it would also be exciting to know how rich Jeeves has actually already become in the past years.