• March 30, 2023

With the launch of WoW Shadowlands, Blizzard has already done a lot to make players' leveling experience better than in the past. This included the more straightforward storytelling that is much easier to understand. But also the newly introduced Threads of Fate, thanks to which players don't have to relive the entire story with their Twinks a second, third, or tenth time. The Threads of Fate allow you to reach the maximum level in an alternative way. You'll gain experience points through dungeons and bonus objectives, and you'll be allowed to access your Pact ability before you even reach the endgame. With patch 9.1.5 , Blizzard plans to expand and improve the system even further. Among other things, this will involve...

  • ... Added Torghast as an additional level option to Threads of Destiny.

This means you'll be able to visit the Tower of the Damned while still on your way from level 50 to 60 to gain experience points. However, this raises some questions that can be answered on the hopefully soon to launch PTR. These include:

  • How much experience points do we get in Torghast?
  • Can we collect soul ash and soul embers while leveling?
  • Is it possible to visit as a group, and how does scaling work with max-level chars in a group?

Do higher levels give more experience points and can we even visit them?

All these questions still need to be answered before we can say whether Torghast as a new level feature really has a chance or even becomes the most effective way to level up.

More facilitations to come

In addition to Torghast, Blizzard is also making some other changes to the leveling experience.

  • Heirloom armor will be upgraded by another rank.
  • Completing bonus objectives will now grant fame levels as well.

This means that the heirlooms are now also suitable for use in Shadowlands. And thanks to the other tweaks, you'll be getting some Fame levels while you're leveling, which will save you a lot of time. After all, we're up to 80! Fame levels that your Twink (or a straggler) has to catch up on.

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