• March 30, 2023

With WoW patch 9.1.5 , the Blizzard developers have brought lots of simplifications for Twinks in Shadowlands. But what about players who have freshly started with Shadowlands or are using the patch to come back after a long break? A new guide on the official WoW website addresses exactly these newcomers and returnees and reveals how you can best get your characters ready for the upcoming challenges.


Once your character reaches level 48, you will be asked to meet with Highlord Bolvar Fordragon in Icecrown. There you will set in motion the events that will lead you to the Shadowlands. As you level up in the five new zones of the Shadowlands, you'll experience the main story campaign, in which you'll help the four ruling pacts of the Shadowlands. As you complete quests, kill enemies, and complete instance activities such as dungeons and battlegrounds, you'll be rewarded with the experience points needed to reach the expansion's level 60 cap.

  • Players who have already completed the starter experience in the Maw will have the option to skip it with side characters and travel directly to Oribos. Additional heirlooms are available from Au'Dara the heirloom mediator next to the Flight Master in Oribos.


When you reach level 60 and complete the Master of Revendreth achievement along with the End of the Beginning and Impending Darkness quests, you will receive the Choosing Your Providence quest, which calls you to Oribos. Here you can pledge your allegiance to one of the four pacts: Kyrians, Necrolords, Night Fae or Venthyr. Each pact offers its champions two unique abilities, as well as additional powers and cosmetic rewards that can be unlocked through a pact campaign - an epic story arc of that pact - as well as other activities over time. As a member of a pact, players also gain access to a sanctum - a base open only to those players who have made an agreement with its rulers.

  • Tip: Having a hard time choosing between pacts? Clear your mind by learning about each of them (and their rewards) with the help of this detailed overview: Kyrians | Necrolords | Night Fae | Venthyr

Once you reach the fame maximum (80) at the pact of your choice, you can switch between pacts at will with all characters on your account by visiting one of the pact representatives in Oribos. Your fame level with the new pact will be reset to 1 and you will have to prove your loyalty to it again in order to receive its rewards. However, you will keep all cosmetic rewards, mounts and pets from your previous pact. If you rejoin your previous pact, you will continue at the glory level at which you left.


As you advance in your pact's history, your reputation grows. This increases the trust your character has within their pact. With fame, you can unlock access to special features that strengthen your character's combat skills such as soul bonds, the ability to explore the Shadowlands by flying, and cosmetic rewards specific to your chosen pact. After completing the first chapter of the pact campaign, you can earn fame through various activities.

Completing the following activities is the direct path to fame:

  • Chapters of the Covenant Campaign
    • Each completed chapter grants you fame.
  • The weekly quests "Return of the Lost Souls" and "Replenish the Reservoir".
    • You can start both quests through your pact's Sanctum(Kyrians: Elysian Stronghold, Bastion; Necrolords: Seat of Primus, Maldraxxus; Night Fae: Heart of the Forest, Ardenwald; Venthyr: Fall of Sin, Revendreth). Each of these quests grants one reputation level.
  • Covenant callings
    • Every three days, you will receive three quests for Covenant Appointments that you can accept in your Covenant Sanctuary.
  • Defeating world bosses
    • Each week you can work with a group of heroes to take down a world boss terrorizing Bastion, Maldraxxus, Arden Forest, Revendreth, or the Maw to earn glory.
  • Shadowlands dungeons, raids, or PvP instances
    • Start these instances with a pre-made party or use the dungeon browser (default shortcut: I) to find other players.

Players who choose Threads of Fate can complete bonus objectives that now lead to fame much faster, and also explore Torghast with a chance to earn additional fame at the end.


During your travels in the Realm of the Dead, you'll encounter central members of each pact - the Kyrians, Necrolords, Nachtfae and Venthyr - and if you decide to follow their path, you'll get the chance to make soul ties with them. By forging soul bonds, you will gain access to various bonuses that will strengthen your character or his abilities, allowing you to effectively fight all enemies that stand in your way. [ LEARN MORE]

  • When you unlock your third soul band for any character, secondary characters in the same pact can start a quest that will also instantly unlock their second and third soul bands.


In the Shadowlands, you'll need to gain any advantage you can so that you can restore balance to the afterlife. In the Tower of the Damned you'll meet the Runemason, a powerful being imprisoned in the unholy halls of Torghast. Together you can forge legendary items with otherworldly powers to improve your chances in battle against the dungeon master and his servants. [ LEARN MORE]

WoW Patch 9.1: The launch trailer for Chains of Domination is here (German)

Chains of Domination

With the support of the four reinvigorated pacts, Horde and Alliance champions will take the fight for the Shadowlands directly to the Dungeon Master's seat of power in the latest content update, Chains of Domination.

Shortly after reaching level 60, you'll be able to ally with the armies of the Pacts, venture into two new areas, Korthia and Desmotaeron, and play through the new campaign story, Chains of Domination. Level 60 players who are ready for this journey will receive the quest "The First Step," which urges them to meet Polemarch Adrestes in Oribos. To receive this quest, you must complete the second chapter of your Pact campaign.

  • Tip: If you want to experience the story and activities that were released prior to Chains of Domination, including Raid: Castle Nathria, you can catch up alongside the latest content. If you advance in one story, it won't prevent you from accessing the other.


As part of his insidious plan, the Dungeon Master has located a long-lost realm of the Shadowlands - Korthia, the City of Secrets. Unlock this new realm by completing the "Gulchwalker" chapter of the Chains of Domination campaign. There you'll ally yourself with two new factions, the Death's Advance and the Archivist Codex, fight against the Dungeon Master's endless armies and try to reveal what mysteries he is after in this forgotten realm. Win the favor of these factions by completing daily quests. In return, they will sell you equipment upgrades and various cosmetic items. [LEARN MORE]

WoW: Official video preview of mega dungeon Tazavesh


Hover over the four pact zones of the Shadowlands after learning how to fly. To do so, you'll need to reach Fame Level 44 and complete the quest "The Return of Primus" in Campaign Chapter 4 "The Last Seal" of Chains of Domination. Your efforts will unlock flying for all characters in your account. When you reach fame level 45, you will also receive a special mount specific to your chosen pact. [LEARN MORE]


Invade the Sanctum of Domination in the epic new raid and defeat the mighty servants of Sylvanas and the Banished in four difficulty levels: Raid Browser, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. You can sign up for the Raid Browser version (default shortcut: I) if your character has reached at least item level 195. When you're ready for Normal, Heroic, or Mythic, you can use the Dungeon Browser (default shortcut: I) to find like-minded players, or create your own party! [LEARN MORE]

WoW: Raid Sanctum of Domination in the trailer preview


Reinforce your equipment with Shards of Domination - new, powerful gems that you can capture from the bosses that lurk in the Sanctum of Domination. These remnants of the Rune Shredder's creations have long bolstered the Dungeon Master's arsenal. But now it's up to you to use them for yourself and turn the exiled's weapons against him.

Shards are filled with three different types of runic magic: Blood, Frost, and Unholy. These shuddering gems can be used in equipment with rulership sockets and boost your character's damage, damage mitigation, or healing abilities. While the power of each shard works all the time and everywhere, inserting three shards of the same type into your gear creates a runeword that grants you a powerful bonus to your combat power in the Maw, Torghast, and Sanctum of Domination. Each class can capture five different pieces of armor in the raid, into which Shards of Domination can be inserted. Defeating raid bosses will also grant you Stygian Embers, which you can use to upgrade your Shards and further enhance their powerful bonuses.

To do so, seek out Bonesmith Heirmir in Korthia after completing the storyline of Chapter 3: Focusing the Eye in the Chains of Domination campaign.

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