• March 25, 2023

In the course of the past year, some players have switched from WoW to Final Fantasy 14. This can of course be explained on the one hand by the freshly released FF14 expansion Endwalker, but also by various problems with WoW and Blizzard. The latter, for example, has brought the popular WoW streamer "Preacher" (aka Preach or also Preach Gaming) to a clear conclusion - he had already given Blizzard's MMORPG the boot a while ago.

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Caused by the declining quality of WoW in his opinion, but also by the findings about the behavior of Blizzard decision-makers behind the scenes

. That said, Preach has now taken to praising a development in WoW - linking it to the rising popularity of Final Fantasy 14. (via Dexerto)

Great changes in WoW - result of dwindling popularity?

This refers to the cross-faction gameplay elements that the developers have revealed: Horde and Alliance heroes will be able to go off together in raids starting with patch 9.2.5

! The

developers are said to have pulled this "ripcord" due to the waning popularity of WoW, driven in part by the rising popularity of Final Fantasy 14:

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Preach is happy about the new possibilities in WoW

"Maybe the rush for FF14 is the best thing that could have happened to World of Warcraft (buy now ), " he says in this Feb. 1 stream, stressing that "it's maybe the best thing that could have ever happened to [the developers]." He still won't be playing WoW again because of it, though, although he expresses hope: "I hope it opens the door for some really big, cool raids with multiple guilds, like really big storylines that involve both factions. That would be great."

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