• March 30, 2023


With the arrival of Legion, a new hardcore difficulty will be added to World of Warcraft. Mythic+ is an expanded version of the Mythic level that offers top-notch loot in addition to a high level of challenge.With the arrival of Legion, a new hardcore difficulty will be added to World of Warcraft. So-called Mythic+ is an expanded version of the Mythic level, which in addition to a high level of challenge offers top-notch loot.

In order to try out the new mode, you and your team of five players must enter the Mythic dungeon. Already at the entrance, a novelty awaits us, which is the Challenger's Pedestal. If you have already purchased a Keystone Container from Donjon Rade, you can use it to create an item called Challenger's Keystone on Challenger's Pedestal.

Pedestal changes everything

Challenger's Keystone is a key appearing in 3 tiers, to the new level Mythic+. When you place it on the pedestal you will see affixes that will be applied to the dungeon. After clicking "Start Challenge" the race against time will begin. Our team will have 45 minutes to completely clear the dungeon. If we are up to the challenge, our Challanger's Keystone will "level up". It's worth noting that if we do it at an extremely fast pace, Keystone will get additional levels. With each next level, the dungeon will be more and more dangerous (each , and at the third and sixth new elements will appear, the so-called affixes, which work globally, modifying - depending on their type, the characteristics of enemies or our heroes.

For example, the Skittish affix will make a tank have much less aggro. When Volcanic comes into play, enemies shooting flame eruptions from underneath them will literally light the ground under their feet. The game doesn't assign affixes permanently, and they will be replaced on a weekly basis so that players can try out all of Blizzard's upcoming afflictions (after level six, players must deal with two difficulties simultaneously). Of course, the increased difficulty level comes with a more attractive reward: for clearing an instance of Mythic+ we'll be showered with first-class equipment.

Affixes in Mythic+ dungeons

The full list of available affixes is not yet known. Below we can take a look at the available affixes so far. From the information available so far, it seems that the pairs of affixes will not be random, but combined in properly selected pairs. Which will allow players to frankly hate some of them.

Each difficulty level will increase the life and damage of enemies by a given percentage:

  • Level 1 (8%) and Level 2 (17%)- No additional affixes
  • Level 3-5 (26%) - 1 affix (Tyranical, Bolstering, Raging or Teeming)
  • Level 6 (59%), Level 7 (71%), Level 8 (85%) - 2 affixes:1 from the previous list and the other from the following list (Necrotic, Volcanic, Skittish, and Decay).

Some important information:

There is a 45-minute time limit in which you must complete a dungeon to advance to a higher level.
The loot does not depend on the time it takes to complete a dungeon.
Mythic+ are only limited by keystone availability, not the weekly loot block.
When advancing a keystone, a new dungeon is selected randomly.

Affixes available at level 3+:

Tyrannical - Bosses have an increased amount of life and damage dealt.
Bolstering - After dying, opponents will strengthen allied units by increasing their life and damage.
Raging - Opponents with life left will receive the "enrage" buff which doubles their damage.
Teeming - Increased number of enemies throughout the dungeon; Increased number of enemies required to kill.
Affixes available at level 6+:

  • Necrotic - Damage dealt by enemy units in melee imposes a staking debuff that deals damage and reduces healing received.
  • Volcanic - Enemies emit an eruption at the feet of enemy ranged units.
  • Skittish - Tank generates much less aggro.
  • Decay - All players take damage while in the dungeon.
  • Current affix pairs (will change as Legion exits beta):
  • Teeming/Skittish
  • Raging/Necrotic
  • Bolstering/Decay
  • Tyrannical/Volcanic
  • Teeming/Necrotic
  • Raging/Volcanic
  • Bolstering/Skittish
  • Tyrannical/Decay

The Challenge System is moving forward

As the developers of World of Warcraft: Legion explain on the game's forums, Mythic+ is a more flexible development of the familiar Challenge concept. The option to scale the difficulty with Keystones allows you to better customize it to the needs of the players, and the theme of changing affixes will ensure that we will constantly hit new struggles. The higher time limit is also not without significance, thanks to which the burden of gameplay has been shifted from a somewhat abstract race against time to more concrete actions.

We'll be able to enjoy the new dungeon system on August 30 during the premiere of World of Warcraft: Legion. So it's worth getting your WoW Legion preorder in time! However, keep in mind the important fact that you'll only have access to Legion if you own all previous WoW add-ons. This shouldn't be a great challenge, however, due to the very low price of the Battle Chests. These boxes were designed especially for newcomers to the land of Azeroth because they contain all the previously released additions.