• March 25, 2023

Just a few days ago, Blizzard developers had implemented the final versions of the last bosses from the Bad Luck Wielding Hoard on the public test server of WoW Classic: Season of Mastery. Wait ... final versions? BWL is already "Asbach Uralt", isn't it?!

WoW Classic: Attack on the pitchwing hoard - Trailer

Pitchwing Hoard 2.0

As with Molten Core and Onyxia's Hoard, the designers have also given the bosses of the second raid instance in Blackrock a modernization for the first season of the championship. The goal: Without world buffs and with new mechanics, it should be as difficult for all Classic enthusiasts to defeat Chromaggus, Vaelastrasz and Co. as it was 16 years ago (do you feel old now, too?).

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For example, all of Nefarian's class calls have been neatly buffed, so in addition to the familiar mechanics, you'll also have to dodge Paladin Consecration, red laser beams, shadow projectiles, and more. Shadowwing and Flamemouth, meanwhile, come with a debuff mechanic reminiscent of the Four Horsemen from Naxxramas. Oh, and you'll have to fight both dragons at the same time.

Black Dragon down

But even though there are completely new mechanics for all the bosses and some of the nasties were only testable for a few days on the PTR, Nefarian didn't last an hour. Specifically, the European guild "w h o" was able to defeat the final boss after 47 minutes (via Warcraftlogs). In total, seven guilds have completely mastered BWL 2.0 so far. Another 14 guilds are at "4 out of 9" or "5 out of 9". In addition, there are eight communities that only took a quick look and knocked out Razorgore. Vaelastrasz doesn't seem to be without in the new version. You can find out everything else about the new phase of WoW (Buy Now )

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